There are all kinds of new buttons and alerts showing up on new cars: ones that put you in touch with a person who can give you directions or talk to you after an accident; alerts that rumble your seat and steering wheel if you doze; green leafs that appear if you are driving in a way that improves your fuel economy.

But French automaker Renault this week has a new ad for its Clio model that has gone viral spotlighting a feature we all wish would become standard on new cars -- a button that changes the reality around you and your car in an instant.

This is the difference between the French and Americans. The most buzz-worthy new car feature at the The New York International Auto Show this week is a Honda minivan that has a vacuum cleaner on board.

Check it out, and the check out out story about why Mercedes Benz vehicles show you a coffee cup icon on the instrument panels of their cars.

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