Contrary to what a certain politician may have said last year about Jeep moving to China, the automaker is in fact doing the opposite, with plans to greatly increase the production capacity at its Toledo North Assembly plant in Ohio. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that there are big plans for the 2014 Jeep Cherokee and Toledo North, as a local union president has informed the newspaper that Chrysler is planning to produce around 250,000 examples of the new midsize utility per year.

To put this number into context, 250,000 units is more than what Jeep Liberty sales totaled here over the last three years combined. Even taking into consideration that the 250,000 units will be distributed beyond US borders, that's an ambitious volume figure full-stop – and that's without taking into consideration the new Cherokee's love/hate design. In its favor, though, Jeep is making remarkable inroads globally as of late, and the Cherokee's size could work well in emerging markets. To get that kind of output from Toledo's Cherokee assembly line, Chrysler will reportedly hire 1,105 new workers – that's in addition to the 200 workers already being hired to build the popular Jeep Wrangler, which is itself expected to top 220,000 units this year.

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      • 2 Years Ago
      and I'm gunning to have a romance with Olivia Wilde unfortunately I'm as good looking as this Jeep :P
      • 2 Years Ago
      I'm sure they'll build that many, lol, but no chance in hell they sell more than 100K in the first year.. The problem is Jeep people won't buy this, it's that simple. So they're going to be marketing to an entirely new customer base. If it looked a felt like a Jeep, I'd say 250,000 isn't that far fetched..
      • 2 Years Ago
      I'm not a Jeep person; I don't own one and have yet to. I do have a friend that bought and heavily modified an XJ though, which I spent a good amount of seat time in post modification. My concerns about this new one have nothing to do with the styling. Jeep is trying something different, and I say more power to them on that score. The problems I see with this new Cherokee are: - It has the Cherokee name but doesn't at all look like it could easily shed parts to become highly off-road capable. - It looks like it's going to be sorely lacking on interior volume. - It looks like it would have to be lifted quite high, or heavily modified to get bigger tires underneath. - It just doesn't appear to be functionally appealing to the XJ superfreaks; while this is not necessarily a bad thing if you want to sell 250k of them a year, they may temper marketing efforts, as hardcore Jeep fans are very much not in favor of this thing thus far. - Jeep has done next to nothing to preview this new model and generate interest that might temper the so-far negative reception to the styling. They have shared no feature information, and only frontal/partial-side photos, leaving everyone to think the tail end will look awful, and the rumors that it'll be a grocery getter to thrive. From where I stand they'd be lucky to nab 80k sales a year on this. 250k just sounds ludicrous without knowing features, pricing, etc. In fact, there were only 2 years out of 18 that the original XJ production exceeded 250k units in a year, and that was globally. Jeep seems to think they can make this thing the Camry of the truckish market. Lotsa luck.
        • 2 Years Ago
        While I don't like it I don't think the last point about Jeep doing nothing to build interest is really a valid criticism. The vehicle hasn't even had it's official auto show debut (or any debut for that matter yet). I think the only real reason they even released the pics they have was due to the leaked photos pushing their hand a bit.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Why didn't they just call this the Liberty? They've got a perfectly good nameplate sitting there for what this is, why tarnish the Cherokee name by attaching this vehicle to it that has an entirely different focus? The Liberty has always been their cute-ute. The Cherokee was always more capable. This is a cute-ute, and there's nothing wrong with that, just attach the right name to it.
        • 2 Years Ago
        The Liberty is called a Cherokee everywhere except NA. So the nameplate has been on a \"cute ute\" before...
        • 2 Years Ago
        Because \'Cherokee\' was a successful nameplate, with a tie-in to the very successful Grand Cherokee; and Liberty has never made much of a ripple in the marketplace?
        • 2 Years Ago
        if its still has the option of being trail rated whats the problem.
      • 2 Years Ago
      JEEP sold over 700,000 units world wide last year. With the Grand Cherokee,Patriot,Compass, and all the various renditions of the Wrangler I think they can do it. It\'s obvious that most people don\'t realize JEEP had a record sales year even while scaling back on the old Liberty. When they were part of AMC, total sales for AMC cars and JEEPs were only 400,000. I would say we have come a long way baby!
        • 2 Years Ago
        They did, when they built nothing that looked like that POS.
      • 2 Years Ago
      I will be interested to see how they market and package it. The Liberty was a turn off to those looking for more of a soft-roader. Jeep's answer was the compact Patriot/Compass duo and we know how that worked out. I think if they can do the Cherokee in a Standard and Trail Rated version they will have something. The Standard version can compete with other mid-sized CUVs that see little more than snowy roads or even pure FWD vehicles. But the Trail Rated AWD models would be truly off road capable and worthy of the Jeep name. I think people are too soon to discount the advances in technology and what Jeep may be able to do with an AWD tech laden system based on a FWD platform.
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      • 2 Years Ago
      Prior to the emergency styling refresh - 50K. After the emergency refresh - possibly 250K.
      • 2 Years Ago
      LOL!!!! look at that front end. massive, massive, epic fail.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Sergio needs to put down the crack pipe and step away from the spreadsheet if he thinks Jeep will sell 250k Cherokees. Not gonna happen. That thing is ugly as sin.
      Smooth Motor
      • 2 Years Ago
      I still can't get over how ugly this thing is. I smell "emergency refresh"........
      • 2 Years Ago
      It's too ugly. They'll won't come close to selling that many.
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