Brooklyn Dodger fans were long known for their mantra, "Wait 'til next year." BYD appears to be following suit.

The Chinese automaker says it will more than quadruple light-duty plug-in vehicle sales next year, as demand will be fueled by a combination of government incentives and rising gas prices, the Wall Street Journal reports.

BYD, which sold about 1,700 light-duty plug-in vehicles in 2012, hopes to boost that number to about 8,000 this year. Electric bus sales are supposed to almost triple from 700 to about 2,000. The company should benefit from fleet sales as companies look to reduce refueling costs, as well as subsidies in China that can reach as high as $19,000 US (roughly) per vehicle.

Since December, BYD has won contracts to supply 49 of its E6 EVs to the city of Bogota, Colombia, for its taxi fleet, as well as for 500 E6s that will be used by the police force in Shenzhen, China. Last October, BYD reached an agreement with Greentomatocars to supply 50 E6s to that company's London taxi fleet. That's not quite 8,000, but a little here and a little there adds up.

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      "BYD hopes to quadruple light-duty plug-in vehicle sales this year" Wow, that sounds impressive! "BYD, which sold about 1,700 light-duty plug-in vehicles in 2012, hopes to boost that number to about 8,000 this year." Oh. Pfffft. Whatever. I guess that is a start. But with the incentives they have, they should be selling much more of them.
        • 8 Months Ago
        What incentives? BYD makes money selling batteries. The moment they put tons (literally) of their batteries in a substandard car to make it competitive they lose money and prestige Or they self-deal the car. The reason Shenzen taxi co has lots of E6s is... BYD owns the taxi company. And their HQ is in Shenzen, so bribe some connections and suddenly the police force buys your cars. The Autoblog numbnuts who see government conspiracy in every green car sale should move to China, where it probably is the case.
      • 8 Months Ago
      Those sales numbers aren't that different than Ford Focus EV, Mitsubishi i, Toyota RAV4 EV, or Honda Fit EV numbers. So it sounds like fairly typical roll-out numbers.
      • 8 Months Ago
      I like BYD battery chemistry and the fact they usually put a large pack in but am not sure of the quality of their cars. If they did import to America I would hope they would have a better car than Coda did. I sat in the Coda, the door post was to far forward making it hard to get in and out of. The Yari EV's are easy to get in and out of, the doors are long, Coda's doors were short. If I was shorter maybe this would not be a issue. I picked up a Zap (NEV) recently for 500 dollars, it is very hard to get in and out of (small doors) especially with combat boots on. It goes about 8 miles on the level after I reconditioned a couple of the 12V gel, deep cycle, (Deka Dominator) batteries that were at 1 and 3 volts when I pushed it into the driveway off the trailer.
        • 8 Months Ago
        @ Ray Blackburn BYD, are a typical PRC corporation, with the usual over-enthusiasm about their product. However, BYD are very serious about their electric drive-train development program. BYD is making good progress in developing EV's, especially in the Bus and commercial transport area. Coda was just a scam for the beginning.
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