Northern California Nissan Leaf owners may be in for their own San Francisco Treat of sorts, as the automaker said it's planning to deploy more quick-charging stations that will be accessible to the electric vehicles, Plug In Car reports.

Nissan spokesman Tim Gallagher, speaking with the San Francisco Bay Area Leaf Owners Association, said that Nissan will add "a lot" of quick chargers during the next 60 days or so, with many being deployed at Nissan dealerships. Gallagher didn't say whether they'd be free to use or would charge drivers.

Still, such chargers, which will use the Japanese-based CHAdeMO standard, will be able to add as many as 60 miles of range to the Leafs in about 25 minutes. More access to quick chargers will likely help Nissan continue its sales upswing for the Leaf, especially in the EV-happy Bay Area. Nissan Leaf sales last month jumped 56 percent from a year earlier to 1,489 units, allowing total-year Leaf sales to overtake 2011's numbers and reach 9,819 units. A big price drop on the 2013 model won't hurt, either.

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      I'll believe it when I see it. There always seems to be a lot of talk about quick chargers. Look how long it took to get all the chargers in up in Oregon along I-5. Also, adding 60 miles range to a LEAF in 25 minutes doesn't seem likely. What I'm saying is that I think those are at best 2-mode miles range. The LEAF has only about 75 miles range total, and DC fast charging slows down a lot when you get past 1/2 charge, just look at MikeW's Tesla trip to LA. So putting in 80% of the car's range in 25 minutes seems optimistic. I looked up the chargers on plugshare in Washington State where the Nissan dealers already have quick chargers installed. They are marked as for dealer customers only. I hope they aren't really sticklers about that.
      • 10 Hours Ago
      I would rather use a Level 2 charger at a restaurant, movie theater or park(Time Well Wasted) than hang out at the dealership just to charge my car.
      • 10 Hours Ago
      What bugs me is that these charging stations based at dealerships are supposedly only available during "dealership business hours." It would be a "bag over the head punch in the face" if I were at a charging station but could not use it until say 8AM the next day. Are any of these fully autonomous or do they really require a dealership to "turn them on?"
      • 10 Hours Ago
      They can install 10 Level 2 chargers in places where they matter for the price of one CHAdeMO. That would really drive EV adoption. Dealership is one of the most useless spots for a public charger, who the heck plans their trip around Nissan showrooms?. And it won't even bring new customers in - whoever comes to charge already has a new Nissan.