• Dec 26, 2012
toyota fun vii wireless chargingWithout much fanfare, Toyota recently updated its Facebook cover photo with the odd-looking, rainbow-colored vehicle (is that the right word here?) you see above. It took us a little while to realize that this bright, playful thing is the Fun-Vii concept that was first shown off at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011. We were so used to seeing the glossy black that this rainbow (and the low-resolution image which made the Fun-Vii logo look more than a little like "FCHV/ii," implying that this was a wildly different update to the FCHV (fuel cell hybrid vehicle) and FCHV-adv models that Toyota has been testing for years. Those vehicles put a hydrogen fuel powertrain into the body of a Highlander SUV. The vehicle pictured above is, shall we say, not a Highlander.

Once we figured out that this was, indeed, the Fun-Vii, it prompted us to go take another look at what is, admittedly, nothing more than a fanciful sketch about what future Toyotas might look like. That's when we realized that, despite Toyota downplaying anything about the Fun-Vii's powertrain in the original press release – the Fun-Vii's focus was the changeable exterior – we discovered that this thing's got wireless charging technology. Turn out, when Toyota dreams in color, it dreams big.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 2 Days Ago
      If they turned this into a stretch concept and put a hot tub in it, it will go far.
      • 2 Days Ago
      How gay. (That is just a joke!)
      SVX pearlie
      • 2 Days Ago
      I like it when stylists get drunk and decide to play a joke on corporate. Clearly someone had a bet that they could build a doorstop into a concept car.
      • 2 Days Ago
      I love that the completely fictional holographic display in slide #9 says NFOMATION.
      fly by wireless
      • 2 Days Ago
      Show us the rest of that red Freightliner in the pics.
      Alphonso Carioti
      • 2 Days Ago
      Get beyond the silly paint job and terrible driver visibility. Instead, look at the technological path Toyota is headed towards: Wireless Charging! THAT would change EV's for the better.
      • 2 Days Ago
      Actually, I invented drive-over inductive re-charging about 10 years ago. How mine works is easy. You drive over an icon as you park. When the in dash indicator signals you, you're spot-on!
      • 2 Days Ago
      Wipeout will soon come to life. :P
      • 2 Days Ago
      This may appeal to some but not me. I am straight.
        • 2 Days Ago
        I heard they're coming out with a douche version you will probably like.
      • 2 Days Ago
      i like ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
      • 2 Days Ago
      Another UGLY old fashioned vehicle.
      • 2 Days Ago
      Soooo... Now I can drive my pet rock?
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