• Dec 18, 2012
It's no secret that Gisli Gislason wants to bring electric vehicles to Iceland. A year-and-a-half ago, he struck a deal with Amp Electric Vehicles to send 1,000 EVs to the island nation. That won't happen now. He's also navigated a $39-million deal for 150 EVs, with similar results. Undeterred, Gislason's and his cohorts today founded the Icelandic EV Association. It's the latest move to make Iceland one of the most EV-ready countries in the world.

Gislason told AutoblogGreen that, "Since the EV revolution is just starting in Iceland, we have a unique opportunity to do things by the book – which we are writing." At the start of 2012, there were 11 electric vehicles in Iceland, Gislason said, along with just a few Level 1 charging stations. Today, there are "more than double" that many EVs in Iceland and proponents have started to set up Level 2 chargers, Gislason said. "Strangely, but fortunately, we are the only player on the market setting up the infrastructure. We are therefore trying to get everyone on board to set up one system that will be open for everyone to sell access to," he said.

"This will benefit the EV owners because they can choose which energy provider they want to subscribe to in the future and get access to all the charging poles and fast charging stations available. In Norway, there is a problem because the EV revolution started without control and EV owners have to subscribe to more than one company to be able to get access to enough charging stations to feel secure," he said.

If the Icelandic EV Association's plans work, Gislason said he expects to import about 300 EVs next year. His ever-enthusiastic spirit allows him to see this in a positive way. "Let the games begin," he said.

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