The LA-based crew at West Coast Customs and the tie-wearing computer techs at Best Buy's Geek Squad might not have much in common, but the two companies will now be forever linked thanks to a tricked-out version of the Geekmobile. In most cities across the US, the Geek Squad vehicle of choice is the Volkswagen New Beetle, but West Coast Customs went to town on a new-body Beetle showing what the cars could look like in a newer, hipper design. The car was unveiled by WCC project manager, Scott Voinovich, and Geek Squad City Mayor, Wes Snyder.

Starting with a base 2.5-liter Beetle, this custom Beetle sports a similar black-and-white paint job like the standard Geekmobile, but it adds in a little WCC flair with plenty of graffiti-style graphics incorporated into the main colors. The car also has the expected "Geek Squad" logo on it, but it is the orange racing stripe and oversized wheels that easily distinguish it from the typical version of the car. West Coast Customs also replaced all exterior Volkswagen logos with its own logo. Inside, the graphics and orange paint carried over, and other finishing touches including cross-stitched seats, embroidered headrests and a massive subwoofer in the cargo area.

The car and its build will be featured on an episode of Inside West Coast Customs that will air on the Velocity channel next month, but don't expect to see this car pull up into your driveway next time you have a computer problem – it will be on display at the Geek Squad City in Louisville, KY alongside a 2001 turbocharged Geekmobile.