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The 2013 Ford Escape is undergoing its fourth recall si... The 2013 Ford Escape is undergoing its fourth recall since its introduction this spring. (Ford)
Ford Motor Co. is recalling more than 89,000 new Escape SUVs and Fusion sedans because the engines can overheat and cause fires.

It's the fourth recall in four months for the all-new Escape, a top seller for Ford in the important compact SUV segment of the market. The new 2013 version went on sale in the spring, and it already has had problems with coolant leaks, cracked fuel lines and carpet padding. Safety advocates say that more than three recalls in a car's first year are a sign of quality problems, although Ford has said previously that the recalls show it's moving quickly to address safety problems.

Ford is trying to find out what causes the overheating problem -- the engines can overheat and leak fluids onto hot parts, causing fires. Ford says it's working on a fix and is asking owners to contact dealers, who will arrange for loaner cars at no charge until the repairs are made.

The recall affects vehicles from the 2013 model year with 1.6-liter turbocharged engines that were sold in the U.S. and Canada, the company said in a statement.

Ford spokesman Said Deep said the recall comes after the company received reports of 12 fires in Escapes and one in a Fusion. No injuries have been reported. Deep said he did not know what fluids are leaking.

Ford urged owners of the recalled vehicles to call dealers to get loaner cars. The cars can still be driven, but owners whose dashboard warning lights illuminate should pull off the road, turn off the engine and leave the vehicle, the company said.

"It is important that affected customers not ignore this recall and contact their dealer as soon as possible," Steve Kenner, director of Ford's Automotive Safety Office, said in the statement.

Escape and Fusion owners can find out more about the recall by going to Ford's website, www.ford.com, and clicking "View Notices and Recalls" in the "Support" tab. Owners can type in the 17-digit vehicle identification number to see if their vehicles are included. They can also call Ford at (866) 436-7332 in the U.S. or (888) 222-7814 in Canada, Ford said in a statement.

The recall affects Fusions and Escapes with "SE" and "SEL" packages. Models with different engines don't have the problem and are not involved in the recall. About 73,000 Escapes and 16,000 Fusions are affected.

In September the company recalled 7,600 new Escapes to fix coolant leaks that can cause engines to overheat or catch fire. Those Escapes also have 1.6-liter four-cylinder engines. Plugs in the engine may not have been installed properly and can fall out while the motor is running. Coolant can leak and cause engines to overheat.

In July, the company recalled 11,500 Escapes to fix fuel lines that can crack, leak and cause fires. In the same month Ford recalled more than 10,000 of the vehicles to fix carpet padding that can interfere with braking.

Both the Fusion and Escape are among Ford's top-selling vehicles. So far this year, the Dearborn, Mich., automaker has sold nearly 220,000 Escapes and 207,000 Fusions, according to Autodata Corp. But many of those are from the previous model year and have different engines.

Both vehicles seat five. The 2013 Escape has a starting price of $22,470, while the Fusion starts at $21,700.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 2 Years Ago
      I bought a Ford fusion March 2011 & love it take it for regular oil changes just found out engine fan needs fixing so they just called on sat. To tell me part was in so I'll be going to get that fixed no charge under warranty! They didn't take the bail out that's why I decided to by a ford! All auto companies have recalls that is just how it is! My Chevy I bought brand new in 96 had nothing but recalls every time I turned around I was getting recall letters in the mail! But still liked my car I was a Chevy girl put now I'm a ford girl the company and service are great!
      • 2 Years Ago
      As a long time Ford owner, first new one in 1972, and just traded in a 2005 Escape, I think that I'm done with Ford. In 2005 Ford put out 3.0 liter Escapes with inefficient resister spark plugs. These spark plugs shocked the coils causing them to fail. After the first missfire and fault codes and a set of plugs the fault codes went away, but the missfire stayed, without fault codes. That is because the coils shocked the ECM into submission. My Escape was 3 weeks out of warrenty but within milage. What I got from the dealer was "Too Bad". So now I drive a Subaru Outback - Built in Indiana!!
      • 2 Years Ago
      how about a story on GM plants out of U.S. and volt having barely any sales. Anything to bash a NO bail-out company. BTW -check out the NO pink slime in beef and billions in lawsuit against CBS -another hp non-story
      • 2 Years Ago
      I can not understand when I see people who have bought Fords for years, all having problems with their cars with recalls, repairs, etc., would continue to keep buying FORDS! If they are such lousy cars, why do you keep buying those pieces of crap? I've been hearing that for years and in my opinion, my Chevys have been holding up better than anything else on the road.
      Louis Medeiros
      • 2 Years Ago
      nobody has more recalls than toyot by a long shot!
      • 2 Years Ago
      My Girl owns a 2011 escape and it it a fun to drive peppy lil truck, it has NO know issues. Now then I work as a mechanic and serviced a brand new 2013 escape and the first impression I got was who the hell designed this ugly truck, its styling is hideous and cheep looking. The next thing was the belly pan on the truck needs to be removed to change the oil. The belly pan is a dumb design as it needs to be be completely removed, Subaru makes an access panel that slides by removing two screws. However Subaru's have there faults too. Well anyway Fords belly pan has a lil scoop in the bottom I was thinking if they need air so bad why dont they just leave it off. For a hundred years cars never had belly pans now some idiot decided they need one. The belly pan is made from some hi tech thick felt stolen from euro cars. Serves Ford right as if there are any oil leaks it will collect there and could possibly case a problem. Its not just Ford engineers its all car engineers they are not following the rules of KISS (keep it simple stupid) engineers are idiots and really need to wrench on the junk they design. Where do they get these over educated ass holes
      • 2 Years Ago
      Ford is also moving jobs to Mexico, making several models there already. I used to like Fords, but now you couldnt pay me to drive one. What happened to 'made in the USA ' ? Boycott Ford and any other company that thinks they can do this and get away with it.
        • 2 Years Ago
        GM does the same as does Dodge.They all use out of country factorys because the unions here keep wanting more and more money.If the unions had their way we would be paying 100,000.00 for a small car.The unions are the cause for out sourcing.
        • 2 Years Ago
        Made in USA? Ask GM -took our money -then didn't pay it back- THEN MOVED OUT OF USA
      • 2 Years Ago
      Chevy Wins!
      • 2 Years Ago
      I am a FORD blue blood fan, When we see major design restructures from US manufacturers you can bet that a flaw or two might pop up. The US manufacturers are working hard to gain the trust and loalty that many foriegn companies remain consistent in. When new designs are shipped overseas by foriegn manufacturers, You purchace base or top of the line. It seems the US manufacturers are designing sheer muscle and extreme hybrids to remain competitive. A recall or two will not effect your budget one bit. As automobiles get more advanced technology, the more engineering compliance testing will be required to sell in our market. I can remember a recent foriegn manufacturer paying off many lawsuits for faulty accelerator system and brakes The model is still selling Ford will do better with the recall as people gain confidence in new designs. The pinto/vega days are gone for US manufacturers
      • 2 Years Ago
      My Ford Explore has cost me over $ 4,900.00 this year with its faulty Transmission and bad design. I will never ever own another ford. Ford knew that they had a problem with the sealed transmission but would not fix the problem. My Question to Ford is how much is a Customer worth ? How important is the your Brand name (Ford) to customers ? I have been a Ford customer since 1985 but that will change for ever.
      • 2 Years Ago
      EVERY automaker has a flaw from time to time. But FORD has taken it to another level. They have recalled EVERY vehicle that they have released since the early 80's. They really need to go back to the drawing board and see what they have done wrong. Low quality ugly vehicles that easily fall apart and now their engines catch fire too. They think that putting an EcoBoost in EVERY one of their cars is going to solve the MPG issues and it wont. Putting an underpowered engine in a heavy vehicle make the Turbo work much harder.. causing excessive heat and causing fires. I think Chrysler will end up having lots of recalls too. They put out SEVERAL vehicles in a very short period of time. You just cant push cars out super fast without taking the time to quality test them. I will give GM credit when it comes to testing their vehicles. They do have recalls from time to time but they have always been very small recalls. Anything from a seatbelt latch to a windshield washer system leaking. But what makes you happy but i would NEVER EVER EVER buy a Ford. I like my teeth where they are and I dont want to explode while driving down the highway at 70Mph.
      • 2 Years Ago
      I have always had a FORD.I can't ford a new one.SO.I by them at car auctions.I know right off there might/might not.Be some kind of problem with it.But,Ideal with it.IF,It's a new one,IT'S UNDER WARRENTY.Quit complaining about it.Ya'll sound like a bunch of little brats.Last year,Ibought a '04 e350 supper duty van.AGAIN,from an auction.It was used by the police.But.was parked since KATRINA.I've had to put a transmission seal in it.THAT'S IT.It had a 116485 miles on it,When,Igot it.NOW,it has over a hundred an 35 thousand +miles.DO YOU HEAR ME COMPLAIN...NO..... All cars/trucks have moveing parts.Something is going to break.Quit complaing-that's why they have warrentys on them. I'll take a FORD,over ANYTHING that's on the market,NOW,or in the future.NEW OR USED. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK,AT FOMOCO.
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