• Nov 21, 2012

2012 LA Auto Show Design Challenge asks automakers for futuristic highway patrol vehicle

Kyle Thibaut
For the past nine years, organizers of the Los Angeles Auto Show have chosen a Design Challenge theme, ranging from futuristic race cars to ultra-lightweight concepts. The Design Challenge is a contest for any automaker's studio to show off their design prowess with forward-thinking insights into the future of transportation. This year's theme is 'Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025' and the results are both intriguing and a bit scary.

"The vehicle should empower highway patrol officers to meet new demands and effectively both 'protect and serve' the public while considering not just enforcement needs but emission concerns, population growth and transportation infrastructure, among other trends," according to the LA Auto Show's website. The submissions will be judged based on design, creativity and environmental considerations.

Design studios from BMW, GM, Honda, Mercedes, and Subaru have all entered submissions, with the winner to be announced November 29 during an event at the 2012 LA Auto Show.

Check out the gallery below for the design entrants:

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 4 Days Ago
      Why do they need more hi-tech cars that cost so much, Ohh I guess they can use all the money they generate by passing out tickets, yes they make gazillions of dollars. They are suppose to serve and protect and when they are not doing that they are hunters . . . . and we the people are hunted and ripped off by the Police and our Court System . . . . what a JOKE!!
      • 4 Days Ago
      Protect and serve lol what a joke. All cops do now a days is give speeding tickets and bother innocent people to make a quota..
        • 4 Days Ago
        so the next time your sphincter in being violated,you gunna call your mommy?
      • 4 Days Ago
      There will be more evidence gathering devices on these vehicles and on the officers too,count on it.a computer with camera will be fitted in an eyepiece in short time.Technology is moving at a fast pace,just look back ten years until today.
      • 4 Days Ago
      • 4 Days Ago
      They are going with The Fifth Element Look!
      • 4 Days Ago
      Police spend way too much time on speed enforcement. Get the cars into the school zones and the cops out of the cars. Talk to the kids, prevent some crime, make the schools and neighborhoods safer. Cops write speeding tickets because the supervisors assign them to speed enforcement. Why? Revenue! Let the police do police work instead of being assigned as revenue agents.
      • 4 Days Ago
      WOW !
      • 4 Days Ago
      Yes, I think it is part of the OBD III system? Anyway, they will have that ability in the not too distant future. 1984?
      • 4 Days Ago
      don't buy it, turn it off for your safety!
      • 4 Days Ago
      'Futuristic' designs rarely seem to become actual things of the present. Fun to look at tho'. I have one suggestion: as we know sea levels are rising, and more storms and floods are to be expected, I would think police would want a vehicle which can perform in fairly high water - and then, have the capability to float and be driven even in debris filled water. Now that would be useful. The use of drones is inescapable - but they'd better be good. Can you imagine the lawsuits when one of those things crashes into someone's yard and kills something?
      • 4 Days Ago
      Wow...what a bunch of rubbish designs. With the possible exception of the off road one there isn't a single practical car there. Police vehicles need to be able to contain people...officers, arrestees, victims etc. Can the driver of the Honda see the road, or is he watching his drone? Nonsense.
      • 4 Days Ago
      Hooray for the police, I guess all the bums and criminals on this site, are quaking in their boots
        • 4 Days Ago
        get a life. half you idiots would (are should i say couldnt) do the job these men and women do. just be thankful there watching your back!!
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