2012 Honda Fit Sport - front three-quarter view, red

Automotive News reports Honda expects the popularity of its Fit subcompact to grow significantly over the next four years. President Takanobu Ito says he expects the model and its variations to sell around 200,000 units per year in North America by 2016. That's up from 64,177 units in 2011. The goal is part of a larger strategy to step up sales on this continent by 18 percent, and from the sounds of things, Ito expects the Fit to lead that charge. The tiny hatchback is slated for a redesign next year, and Honda will begin manufacturing the Fit in Mexico by 2014, which could help the automaker lower its MSRP or add content to attract more sales.

In addition, Honda has also made it clear buyers will be able to take home more bodystyles in the near future. While the automaker hasn't commented on exactly what that means, it has said we can expect to see a crossover spawned from the hatchback as well as a hybrid, but neither model has been publicly confirmed for North American consumption.
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