As advanced as the powertrain in the all-electric Toyota RAV4 EV is, it is having problems with some public Level 2 charging stations. Cindy Knight, the public affairs manager for environmental, safety and quality communications at Toyota Motor Sales, USA, confirmed to AutoblogGreen that a technical bulletin went out to dealers dated October 30 that the following charging stations have "basic compatibility" with the RAV4 EV (i.e., these ones work):
  • Aerovironment: Level 2 EVSE-RS
  • Blink/Ecotality: Level 2 Charge Station
  • ChargePoint/Coulomb Technologies: CT2000 Series
  • Clipper Creek: CS Series
  • Eaton: EV Charging Station (residential)
  • Eaton: Pow-R-Station (commercial)
  • Schneider Electric: EVLink Indoor Charging Station (EV2430WS)
Charging stations by Toyota's official supplier, Leviton, also work fine with the powertrain and its Tesla-supplied parts. The problem, a minor one, seems to be that a "Check EV System" message can display on the dash after the vehicle is used at some locations. The bulletin (available below) also tells dealers how to clear the warning.
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Tech Tip T-TT-0206-12 October 30, 2012


Some customers may complain of a 'Check EV System' message illuminating after attempting to charge their vehicle at a public charging station.

Toyota is investigating this issue.


Leviton Mfg. is the Toyota-approved supplier for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), that is, EV charging stations.

Leviton's Level 2 (240V) 40A, 30A and 16A Toyota Program models and EVR-green series have been extensively tested and approved for use with the Toyota RAV4 EV and Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle.

While there are numerous EVSEs offered in the market, only the Leviton models specified above have been approved.

However, the following Level 2 charging stations* have completed a basic level of confirmation with the Toyota RAV4 EV and should function properly: Manufacturer Models
  • AeroVironment Level 2 EVSE-RS
  • Blink / ECOtality Level 2 Charge Station
  • Charge Point / Coulomb Technologies CT2000 Series
  • Clipper Creek CS Series
  • Eaton Pow-R-Station (Commercial), EV Charging Station (Residential)
  • Schneider Electric EVlink Indoor Charging Station (EV2430WS)
*This list is subject to change Toyota will continue to conduct basic testing on other manufacturers' Level 2 charging stations to identify those charging stations that are compatible with the RAV4 EV.


If you determine that the 'Check EV System' message may be displayed because the vehicle driver used an incompatible charging station, the message can be cleared using the following procedure:

(Note: The 'Check EV System' message can be displayed for various reasons – check for other causes and codes before utilizing the clearing procedure outlined below.)
  1. Disconnect the EVSE from the vehicle.
  2. IG ON (with foot removed from brake pedal, press and release start button once, wait 1 second, press and release start button again).
  3. Wait 10 seconds for the system to complete the start-up check.
  4. IG OFF (with foot removed from brake pedal, press and release start button).
  5. Wait 1 second.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 four times to clear the warning message. On the fourth IG-ON event, the warning message should no longer be displayed.
Contact TAS if issue is still present after this message clearing process.


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      • 1 Day Ago
      I am one of the "lucky" owners of a Rav4 EV and while it charges with a GE Wattstation just fine, it has big time issues with Siemens Versicharge units. Toyota is not helpful on that matter at all and refer to their Leviton units. For a $50,000 car you would expect they would want to look into this as obviously their implementation of the level2 protocol is faulty. No luck though. Their statement is basically that the car works fine with Leviton and as a result they see no need to investigate the issue further.
      • 1 Day Ago
      Compliance cars for California really don't mean anything in the big picture. The costs reflect that these are not cars that will be sold in large quantities across the world.
      Levine Levine
      • 1 Day Ago
      So, tell me which charger on the list sends the erroneous warning messages?
        • 1 Day Ago
        @Levine Levine
        The list is charging stations that... "have "basic compatibility" with the RAV4 EV (i.e., these ones work)"
      • 1 Day Ago
      I didn't see it say specifically... Does that mean that it won't charge on certain (although looks like very few) EVSE's? Or is it just that it doesn't like certain EVSE's and will cause the warning light after using one that it isn't happy with? I'm starting to think that Japan manf. (Nissan, now Toyota) don't like GE... That's the only one (at least major one) I can tell that isn't up there.
      • 1 Day Ago
      A story on how a Toyota might have a warning light lit as news? In other news....: Chevy Volt shows tire pressure warning light on cold days. Ford Focus EV shows 'Door Ajar' when the door isn't closed completely. Fisker Karma shows cooling light as car explodes in flames. (Okay okay, having fun on the last one)
      • 1 Day Ago
      Vehicles like this will be great when the car companies stop overcharging for them.
        • 1 Day Ago
        @ brotherkenny4 Overcharging ? Well now there's your oppourtunity ! Take a lesson from Elon Musk, and build your own EV ! Or better still, join one of the hundreds of bankrupt EV start-ups that have found (at great expense) that it's just not that easy. Auto-manufacture, is probably the most capital intensive of all industries, and the returns are very, very small.
          • 1 Day Ago
          For 10k dollars more Marco, a body can buy this EV which shows how bad Fords Jokus EV realy is.