2012 Lamborghini Aventador - front three-quarter dynamic view

For Geneva, Lamborghini is rumored to be expanding the seating capacity of its Aventador supercar. UK magazine Car reports the Italian supercar builder is working on a four-seat Aventador GT concept to display next to its Roadster sibling.

The publican says the family-friendlier coupe will get an extended wheelbase, two small rear jump seats not unlike the Porsche 911 and possibly rear "suicide panel" doors. Their story goes on to say the possibility of the four-seat Aventador is unclear, but would be decided based on marketability, not feasibility. Previous reports have indicated that Lamborghini is still working on its Estoque four-door concept despite it not having a green light for production.

As for the long-rumored Aventador Roadster, Car says we should expect a retracting hardtop-style roof instead of the Erector-set-inspired cloth top on the Murciélago – that news would appear to conflict with earlier reports of a removable roof panel.