A woman opened fire after she said a man attacked her f... A woman opened fire after she said a man attacked her following a minor car accident. (WFAA).

A Texas woman on her way to work fatally shot another motorist she said attacked her after a minor collision in northwest Harris County near Houston, officials said. The incident is yet another tragic example of road rage that has been rising in the U.S.

Crystal Scott, 23, pulled into a Shell station about 7:20 a.m. Monday with the intention of exchanging insurance information with the other driver, officials said.

But then, the man got out of his pickup and ran toward Scott. He was yelling and hitting her car while she was still inside, she told investigators.

"He was attempting to open (Scott's) car door while striking the driver's side window," said Thomas Gilliland, a Harris County sheriff's deputy, reported the Houston Chronicle.

Scott grabbed a pistol and fired, striking the man in the chest.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. His name has not been released.

Last month, a New Hampshire woman, Carissa Williams, was sentenced to seven years in prison for a road rage incident that took place earlier in the year. Williams used a stun gun to zap a pregnant woman in the thigh. Williams, 24, had yelled at Corinne LeClair-Holler, 29, to get off the phone while driving. Eight miles later, when the two cars reached a New Hampshire interstate exit ramp, an armed Williams opened Leclair-Holler's door and zapped.

She was sentenced to up to seven years in prison for assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and criminal trespass.

U.S. News recently reported: In a survey of more than 500 people, 90-percent reported that they had either witnessed road rage or were a victim of it during the past year. And in the '90s, road rage led to 218 murders and 12,000 injuries over the course of seven years. Firearms and the vehicles themselves were the most commonly used weapons, and the reasons angry drivers used to explain their actions tended to be trivial--arguments over parking spaces, irritation at horn-blowing, and annoyance at slow drivers.

What constitutes road rage? The U.S. News report notes: "Any type of deliberate, unsafe behavior counts--tailgating, changing lanes erratically, illegally passing other drivers, and even gesturing and shouting." "Road rage is driving under the influence of impaired emotions," Leon James, who teaches traffic psychology at the University of Hawaii, told U.S. News. "It's triggered by mental assumptions we're making about other drivers--like assuming someone is doing something on purpose to bother you, because they're inconsiderate."

U.S. News Tips To Prevent Your Own Road Rage:

-- Take care of yourself. In general, get enough sleep--if you're tired, you're more likely to snap. And carry some snacks in your car, since hunger also ups irritability.

-- Leave earlier. Running late? Every driver is going to seem like he's moving at a snail's pace. Typical congestion will have you seeing red. Try hopping in the car and leaving earlier than you need to, so hold-ups don't feel quite so dire.

-- Take a moment to calm down. "Sometimes, your temper may flare because another driver did something dangerous to put you and your passengers at risk," says Bruce Hamilton, coordinator of research and education with the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. "In those cases, it's natural to feel angry and shaken." He suggests pulling over to collect your thoughts, and if necessary, calling the police to report the offending motorist.

AOL Autos Tips in How To Respond To Road Rage:

--If someone is shaking their fist and making threatening gestures, the best move you can make is pull over and let them get away from you, or turn off of your route to get away from the other car. The best way to avoid a fight is to leave it before it starts.

-If someone has left their vehicle and is confronting you on foot outside of your car, get your doors locked. Calm yourself and turn away. If you have your phone, dial 911 and let the responder know that the police are coming.

-Do not retaliate against a road rage instigator. You have no idea whether the person has a weapon. Be smart. Try to leave the area of the instigator as quickly and safely as possible.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 2 Years Ago
      Road rage is not defined by the action, but by the emotion behind the action. Yelling at someone is not road rage, I think it needs to me extreme, like trying to run them off of the road, tailgating deliberately to piss someone off, etc.
      • 2 Years Ago
      She may have felt threatened, she may have been scared, but the bottom line is she shot and killed an unarmed man over a minor automobile accident while sitting locked in her car..those are the facts.
      • 2 Years Ago
      I am "anti gun". Unfortunately, our 2nd amendment gives us the "right" to carry a gun, If I understand the article (I do not believe everything I raed (sic), the action "appears" to be in self defense. I am not referring to the Florida law in any way.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Thats what happens when anyone can carry a gun--and so many in Texas do!
      • 2 Years Ago
      If somebody started charging me and beating my car I'd rather blow a hole in them than get injured. Why can't Americans remember that when the west was most prosperous anarchy reigned supreme.
      • 2 Years Ago
      YAY for her! People, stop threating others threw road rage by following them into (anywhere) a gas station just to show your more dominate about some disagreement on the road! We have to learn how to "let things go". I see more "caucasians" ppl daring "A.A" to where it is unreal! WHY? What will it prove. Oh yeah, that the LAW is on your side. Most of the time, ppl are not even aware of what you might have saw, so let it go. Its to much anger in this world today, NO LUV for one another. So very sad. I pray that there is witnesses and video tapes that proves that this guy chose to follow her to start an altercation to where she was in the right for defending herself. Stop walking up on ppl thinking that your going to just "scare" somebody to where they say there sorry and you walk off entertaining your passenger! Now, your psngr has to notify your family member that your az made a bad decision! I will pray for the families loss but this needs to be a listen to others. Stop it! All of the steer dwns, pulling in front of someone and slamming breaks, its awlful!.
      • 2 Years Ago
      I've had 4 relatives killed in vehicle accidents. I've totaled 2 vehicles and managed to walk away unscathed with nothing majorly damaged other than my insurance premiums. I tend to drive a lot more carefully. When I come across some maniac acting just nuts on the road, because they think that I'm not driving fast enough, nor tailgating the driver in front of me to harass them into driving faster, I do my level best to either encourage the maniac to pass me up, or if it is safe I pedal to the medal and get the hell out of that situation via lane changes or taking another route. I realize that people in a state of road rage are an accidents-waiting-to-happen. I don't want to be any part of their nightmare.
      • 2 Years Ago
      if this story is accurate, this was clearly self defense. this is a violent society in america but people have a right to defend themselves.
      • 2 Years Ago
      He showed violent behavior to her CAR. She was fine. She was in no harm way. Drive away simple solution. There is no self-defense here.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Where in the story does it say that the man killed was white? Blacks, mexicans and every other race drive pickup too. She didnt have to shot him. I hope she goes to jail. If she was truly in fear the bitch should have started her car and drove away. She murder the guy in cold blood. Let the bitch fry!
      Peter Brown
      • 2 Years Ago
      And another resounding victory for the NRA and the american psycho queens threatened at the drop of an agry word. Time to repeal the second amendment before there no person left alive.
      • 2 Years Ago
      In Texas it is legal for any law abiding citizen to carry a loaded concealed handgun in your vehical . If you are in your house, hotel room, or vehicle you are in your domicile and have no need to retreat. Good shoot, another POS gone.
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