News flash: trucks are popular in the U.S. and subcompacts aren't. While most of the customer loyalty stats we generally hear about are focused on brands, Inside Line recently did a study tracking how loyal customers are to a particular vehicle segment by tracking which vehicles customers trade in when purchasing a new car.

Not surprisingly, full-size trucks had the most loyal customers with almost two-thirds (61.8 percent) of truck buyers opting for another truck. Vans and minivans round out the top three spots, which makes sense, as vehicles in those segments are generally needed for a specific purpose. Luxury vehicles took up four of the top 10 categories.

On the opposite end, only 15.1 percent of subcompact car buyers return to the segment with midsize and large crossovers finishing off the bottom three of the list. Despite being two of the most popular vehicles on the road, midsize cars were in the middle of the pack and compact crossovers were ranked 18 out of the 22 categories.

One segment we would really like to have seen on this list was hybrids to see if it backed up reports from earlier this year that said hybrid buyers generally don't buy another.