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Police dashboard camera and a second camera attached to a Keene County, Texas, police officer captured this dramatic video of a 77 year-old grandmother talking back to the officer, who had just pulled her over for speeding.

According to a local Dallas-Ft. Worth NBC affiliate, the woman, Lynn Bedford, was travelling 66 mph in 50 mph zone, when officer Sgt. Gene Gehab pulled her over on Aug. 19.

As the officer walked up to the vehicle, the woman announced she was speeding because she had a bladder infection and had to use the bathroom.

Neither the police officer nor the woman appear to listen to the other person and the confrontation quickly escalates with the officer demanding Bedford's license and the woman telling Gehab he would have to wait a minute.

Police in Keene County don't wait for grandmothers to finish talking.
Did the police officer act appropriately?
Yes, she was hostile 20104 (43.6%)
No, he went too far 26042 (56.4%)

After asking Bedford for her license numerous times, and both people talking over each other, Gehab's long arm of the law opened up Bedford's door and dragged the woman out of the vehicle and pulled her onto the ground.

Bedford was charged with failure to show her license and released later that day.

The police issued a statement supporting Gehab.

"This incident has been reviewed thoroughly by the Keene Police Department and the City of Keene Administration," Alberti said in a written statement. "All parties have concluded that Sgt. Geheb did not violate any state laws or department policies, and in fact was following department policy in regards to violators not providing identification."

Apparently, exercising judgement doesn't enter into the discussion with the Keene Police Department. It seems pretty obvious that if Gehab had not been so combative from the get-go, he could have calmed the lady, followed her to the nearest bathroom and then ticketed her. That would have taken less time than hauling her in, and booking her. What do you think? Did the officer act properly?

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Eight tips to follow when getting pulled over.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      andrew nickerson
      • 2 Years Ago
      texas sucks anyways if they spent their money and time arresting illegals we wouldnt be in the situation were in as a country .what a waste of taxpayers money arresting old ladys and jaywalking and minor speeding traffic tickets its time to defend our citizens remember protect and serve what a bullshit statement
      • 2 Years Ago
      I see nothing wrong with this. She was being argumentative and when he said he would take her to jail if she didn't give her licence to him she said "Go ahead!" He asked her multiple times to get out of the vehicle and she didn't. Elderly or not, she didn't follow the police officer's instructions.
      • 2 Years Ago
      she should have brought her port-a-potty with her, lol But really she was wrong. Just comply and no one gets hurt.
      • 2 Years Ago
      This woman did not behave appropriately, no matter what her age. How many time do cops hear the excuse that "I have to go to the bathroom". I'm not a cop, nor am I pro or even anti-cop, but she was disingenuous and I think that was obvious. She should have handed over her license and registration and none of this would have happened. She seemed to think the law didn't apply to her. I'm sure she will respond more quickly next time, and if she tries to sue, I hope the jury agrees that the police officer acted within his purview, but that she failed to respond accordingly. If this scene played out with a smart-mouthed teenager or even a person of a different ethnicity, nobody would be showing sympathy, and would all say they got what they deserved. Seriously people, think about what your reactions would have been if it was anyone other than a 70 something year old woman. The law is the law, and it should apply to citizens and illegal aliens alike. The fact that people want to forgive her behavior due to her age shows the serious divide we have in this country and why our laws are so easily flouted by anyone that thinks they can get away with it, or get a support group to scream bloody murder on their behalf. Respect for our laws is what is needed in this country, badly.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Are state governments aren't the problem, it's the criminals having more rights then any other american the minute they are read the Maranda"s
      • 2 Years Ago
      What does this woman's age have to do with this incident? I know that the news media, in this case AOL Original whose staff writers wrote this story sensationalized it by inserting, "77 Year Old Grandmother," into the title in hopes to draw more readers to the plate for a feast. However, the American Social culture likes to put people into categories, such as; Baby, Child, Youth, Teenager, Young man or woman, Young adult, adult, mother, father, mom, dad, Uncle, Aunt, Grandfather, and in this case Grandmother. I'm not sure what the intention was for the writers to use the term, "Grandmother" was. I'm sure that in the Police incident report the officer used, "77 year old female or just femaleā€ to describe the suspect. In writing incident reports I know you are taught to stick to the bare-bones-facts which gives more credibility to the report, because the writer is not inserting any opinion or point of view, so in reading an incident report the reader can have a clear view of what happened with having to decipher and interpret unnecessary comments added before and after a factual word or description as to what occurred in the incident.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Typical Gestapo type PIG !! Jeez, I bet he got his JOLLIES man handling the Senior Citizen. Doen't he have better things to do than hassel an old lady?? And for those thinking the Old Hag deserved It. You will be that age soon and how would you like being treated that way? With disrespect and Abuse !!
      MR. BILL
      • 2 Years Ago
      The officer was absolutely correct.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Well of course they said he was right, but he was not. Sue them grandma!
      • 2 Years Ago
      Ack! The old bitty deserved it! She should know how to follow rules by now!
      • 2 Years Ago
      Bull, cops are jerks you might find a few good ones but most need to find new jobs
      • 2 Years Ago
      Issue here is that women and teens feel they are above the law and entitled to certain privilages. If this was a 30 year old man, would anyone think the cop was too harsh? Nope. All citizens need to be treated the same and stop looking for special treatment. Period.
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