Has the Moscow Motor Show reached international relevance? If one were to look at the recent unveilings from Russia, the evidence may support that theory.

A Road & Track report makes the assertion that Russia, like many other automotive markets, has matured independently to the point where it has less interest in the major international auto shows that are not held on their soil. As a result, formerly relevant auto shows in Italy, Japan and the UK have downgraded in size and, in some cases, aren't even being held.

Additionally, R&T points to automakers using local ride and drive events for sparking more interest in buyers than an auto show may be able to.

Meanwhile, in growing markets, such as China, India and Russia, automakers are making bigger and bigger plays. Buick's significance in China played a major role in the American car brand's survival, while Ferrari has made a move to strengthen its showing in India. As for Russia, the internationally-sold Mazda6 debuted at the Moscow Motor Show, along with news that the car would be produced in Russia, just as the only Mazda factory in the U.S. shutters. The times, they are, a-changin.

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      This doesn't surprise me. They have plenty of money to get cars. I guess people have this notion that they are poor. While they make less than the average American they live well for themselves.
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          Al Terego
          • 2 Years Ago
          Steal? I guess when Westerners do it, it's called "Liberating", "Bringing democracy" or "Stabilizing a region"...
      • 2 Years Ago
      Well to be fair, Ford basically had their way with Mazda and once they were done using them for their engineering expertise, they kicked them to the curb and sold most of their stake in the company. I have to admit, kinda grimy.
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