Unless you've kept running tabs on a white board or you have a mind like Rain Man, we'll bet you don't know how many different versions and special editions of the Lamborghini Gallardo are on offer or have been offered. There have been Bicolores and Tricolores, dictionary strainers like the Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale and Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder Performante, and plain-old rear-wheel-drive coupes and convertibles to name very few of them, with a mix-and-match approach to how many axles are driven, how much horsepower is available and whether the top comes down.

Lamborghini America COO Michael Lock has told Car and Driver that the end is nigh for all that jelly bean variety. When the Gallardo's replacement comes next year – tipped to be called the Cabrera as yet unnamed and launched in all-wheel-drive form with 600 horsepower and no manual transmission option – the line will be rationalized to help customers and the bottom line by putting more space between variants. Lock didn't say exactly how that would transpire, but C/D guesses this means the end of all-wheel-drive convertibles and a convertible Superleggera.