Los Angeles-based electric-vehicle maker Coda Automotive is recalling 78 of its Sedan models for what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says may have been improper installation of side-curtain airbags.

NHTSA said that the Sedan's side-curtain airbags may not deploy in an accident as designed and that the automaker will notify owners of the issue. Coda dealers will inspect the airbag installations, NHTSA said. The company confirmed the recall yesterday, adding that there are "no known injuries" stemming from the faulty airbags.

Coda, which opened its headquarters in L.A. in late 2011, sold its first production EVs in March and in April reached an agreement with China-based Great Wall Motors to make a vehicle for Europe, China and North America that should be less expensive than most other production EVs. The Coda Sedan was rated by the Environmental Protection Agency to get 88 miles on a single charge, 14 miles more than the Nissan Leaf.
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Report Date : August 26, 2012 at 11:28 PM
NHTSA Campaign ID number : 12V409000

Vehicle Make / Model: Model Year(s):
CODA / CODA 2012
Manufacturer: Coda Automotive Mfr's Report Date: AUG 17, 2012
NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 12V409000 NHTSA Action Number: N/A
Potential Number of Units Affected: 78
CODA Automotive (CODA) is recalling certain model year 2012 CODA vehicles. The side curtain airbags may not have been properly installed which could cause them to not deploy as intended.
In the event of a crash, the side curtain airbags may fail to deploy as intended, increasing the risk of injury.
CODA will notify owners, and dealers will inspect and correct the side curtain airbag installations as needed, free of charge. CODA has not provided a notification schedule. Owners may contact CODA Automotive at 1-855-464-2632.
CODA Automotive's recall campaign number is R84001. Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to www.safercar.gov.

CODA Automotive Statement

CODA Automotive is committed to safety and has voluntarily recalled 78 of its 2012 CODA model year vehicles within the VIN range of 53G1U4A48CB000026 to 53G1U4A48CB000260. The recall campaign was issued because of the potential that the side curtain airbags in certain vehicles may not deploy as intended due to an improper installation.

Certain 2012 model year CODA vehicles may have this condition. There are no known injuries related to this recent discovery.

CODA Automotive holds itself to the highest safety standards and continually strives to offer the most reliable product for its consumers.

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      One Fisker has a faulty fan outside the engine compartment, and generates an international media frenzy, with hundreds of comments from Fisker-hating, ABG readers. In contrast this appallingly substandard PRC EV, with really dubious corporate background, generates almost no negative publicity from faulty air-bags ! As if Coda's corporate partners weren't shady enough, Coda now boasts of it's connection with Great Wall Motors. Among many other transgressions, this PRC corporation was recently caught in breach of it's written agreements and in defiance of the law, exporting Asbestos laden vehicles to Australia (and most of South East Asia). When caught, the Australian agent for Great Wall replaced the asbestos components with Australian made local components, but Great Wall continued export Asbestos to the rest of SE Asia, and relabeled spare parts containing Asbestos as 'asbestos-free'. !
      • 1 Day Ago
      AMP puts our a press release when it builds a car Coda doesn't talk about it but has 78 or more sold Tesla puts out a press release when they build their 100th car and will keep doing so until the run out of money or are a runaway success and join the big guys Nissan (and GM) don't bother with press releases but releases sales figures and ABG plots their hundreds of greener model cars sold monthly Meanwhile some (strike that ALL) German car companies are putting out press releases about their "production" EV's that they don't actually sell (but you are in the correct state you might get to lease one) Yeah that says it all for 2012 on this continent
      • 1 Day Ago
      So now we know how many of them Coda sold . . . 78. Don't laugh . . . that is around the same numbers of the Ford Focus Electric. And not far from the iMiEV (Mitsubishi-i).
      • 1 Day Ago
      ...this is jut the beginning. Wait until the first one gets in an accident.
      • 1 Day Ago
      "Los Angeles-based electric-vehicle maker Coda Automotive is recalling 78 of its Sedan models for what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says may have been improper installation of side-curtain airbags." Seventy-eight people bought Codas? You're burring the lead.
      • 1 Day Ago
      Is it really a recall if the 78 Coda employees bring their cars to work and fix them ? ;)