One of the neatest things to do overseas is find U.S. stars hawking foreign goods, like Kevin Costner fronting for coffee in England and Bill Murray selling whiskey in Japan. Turns out MacGyver, aka actor Richard Dean Anderson (click the image above to enlarge), wasn't to be left out of the action, having been named the "hero" to help sell the Mercedes-Benz Citan.

For those of you who don't even know who MacGyver is, he was the protagonist in a US. television show that ran from 1985 to 1992, his signature trait being that he could fix anything with little more than some duct tape, a paper clip and a piece of string. That is what makes him the perfect spokesman for the Citan, advertised by Mercedes as being "the perfect tool for every job."

There's a press release below that speaks briefly about the Citan's merits, such as its three different available lengths and asymmetrical rear doors. But Mercedes doesn't half-ass things, and what's even better than the presser is the trailer for a film called MacGyver und der neue Citan that will be released September 18. It's in German so we don't even know what they're saying, but it looks awesome. Scroll down to check it out.

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MacGyver and the new Citan: every hero needs a strong partner

- Mercedes-Benz Citan and MacGyver: problems are there to be solved
- The new Citan: the perfect tool for every job
- High functionality and a wide range of models
- Exemplary safety standards, a high level of comfort and very economical

Stuttgart, Aug 14, 2012 – "Over the past seven years I've done nothing else but drive all over the world. I've escaped gunslingers, prisons and time bombs. And all I've got to show for it are a few empty rolls of duct tape!" (MacGyver). Those days are over, but the master of resourcefulness is now back on our screens, and with a good-looking new sidekick. In its recently launched advertising campaign, Mercedes-Benz has given MacGyver a reliable, can-do partner for his adventures in the form of the brand-new Citan. At you will find the advert for the campaign as well as the trailer and extensive behind-the-scenes material for the new webisodes, which will be available on the site from 18 September.

The new Mercedes-Benz Citan, which is being unveiled to the public for the first time at the IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show in September 2012, is ideal for coping with the challenges of the city thanks to the wide choice of models available, the vehicle's functionality and its high safety standards.

Mercedes-Benz Citan and MacGyver: problems are there to be solved
He's needed again! MacGyver may have retired from life as a secret agent to go it alone as a handyman, but he cannot escape his past. In the action-packed advert and three brand-new MacGyver episodes, the hero of the 1980s and 1990s has once again found himself caught up in the struggle between good and evil. In time-honoured fashion, the maverick problem-solver uses quick thinking, dexterity and everyday items to overcome the challenges and adversaries that he faces. But now, alongside his ever-present Swiss army knife and duct tape, Richard Dean Anderson can also rely on the capable and trusty support of his vehicle. As he embarks on a fresh round of MacGyver adventures, he knows he can count on his newest partner – the compact, manoeuvrable and versatile Citan.

The new Citan, always there when you need it, presents the ideal solution for the challenges ahead: the narrowest of streets and tightest of corners are mastered with ease and MacGyver never runs out of space for his equipment – whether it's a pocket knife or a Euro pallet. There's even room inside for a spare roll of duct tape! The Citan copes supremely with adverse situations thanks to its robustness and low-maintenance running. And if a little bit more speed is required, the choice of engine series provides enough power to send the duo swiftly on their way.

High functionality and wide choice of models
There is a huge choice of models and customisation options for the Citan, making it highly adaptable for the day-to-day challenges of a secret agent's life. It is available in three lengths, as a panel van, Mixto or crewbus, and can be fitted with a wide range of special equipment to suit individual needs. To help MacGyver stay one step ahead of his enemies, he can choose from three zippy diesel models producing between 55 and 81 kW and a supercharged petrol model with 84 kW. Sliding side doors and asymmetrical rear doors ensure speedy access to those all-important tools in dicey situations. The Citan also has numerous stowage compartments in the driver's cab, enabling the most important things be kept at close hand.

Versatility and functionality mean the Citan excels in any terrain. Compact proportions and a dynamic chassis make this a nimble city van for urban driving that can cope with both busy stop-and-go traffic and narrow access lanes.

Exemplary safety standards, a high level of comfort and very economical
After a long career as a secret agent MacGyver has certain expectations of comfort and safety. The Citan comes equipped with firmly padded, luxury seats made from materials that are kind to the skin. All of which raises the driving comfort up a notch in combination with the pleasantly smooth ride. The Citan also meets the highest standards of safety. Good news for MacGyver, whose adventures have seen him exposed to hazardous situations on numerous occasions. The ADAPTIVE ESP® electronic stability programme, which continuously monitors the vehicle load status, is fitted as standard in every model.

MacGyver, in his new role as handyman, is also a businessman, of course. So he very much appreciates the Citan's remarkably economical fuel consumption of just 4.3 l/100km and the long maintenance intervals of 40,000km/2 years. After all, the Citan never knows when the next challenge awaits and when it will be needed next!

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 2 Years Ago
      That's Col. Jack O'Neill (with two 'L's' dammit).
      • 2 Years Ago
      This IS a Renault Kangoo, with a Merc front end and other detailing. Even the engines are Renault Diesels, just as the base engine in the new A Class is the same Renault dCi 1.5. I had no idea Mercedes' commercial deal with Renault covered so many bases, but this sharing of components saves a lot of money. It's funny that Renault's low cost brand, Dacia, which sells simply engineered cars built on modified Renault/Nissan platforms all over the world, and uses Renault engines, shares it's Diesel engines with Mercedes. I'll bet not many punters know that!
      • 2 Years Ago
      Makes me feel super-old when you have to explain to the kids who MacGyver is.
      Saint Sinner
      • 2 Years Ago
      No no no its Jack O'Neill. This Mercedes will perfectly fit into any Stargate and it was engineered with Asgard technology.
      David J. Bernstein
      • 2 Years Ago
      The trailer is pretty neat. But I am just wondering why this car is needed. The Renault Kangoo by all accounts is great value, great quality and perfect as a delivery van for those crowded European cities. Why will anyone want to pay more for a Mercedes-badged van which is essentially the same thing? Ok so the different lengths might make it more appealing, but I seriously doubt someone with a small business who depends on these cars will spend serious cash on the Citan.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Macgyver can fix anything.
        • 2 Years Ago
        @NY EVO X MR GUY
      • 2 Years Ago
      Yes, because a dumpy looking van is exactly the correct vehicle for someone like MacGyver. Isn't this the same car as the PSA van?
        David Murray
        • 2 Years Ago
        It's a Renault Kangoo with a different front end. Renault also supplies the diesel engines for the new A-Class.
      • 2 Years Ago
      People forget that this is a Mercedes for Germany, not the US. In the US, the brand is only a luxury brand, while in Germany it' sells luxury, utility, practicality, etc. Lots of commercial vehicles in Germany are Benz. This is no different. It's a vehicle that will sell to the small business owner who needs a smaller size van. The German Benz guy who wants luxury won't but a Citan, but will buy a C or E class. My sister lives near Frankfurt and owns a Mercedes Benz Viano, nothing more than a regular minivan for carrying her three kids around. No more or less a minivan than a Chrysler Town and Country or any other mini van around.
        to your email L
        • 2 Years Ago
        Indeed I've seen the A class MBZ in Europe and the B class ones and I even think they import the B class ones to Canada, saw one in AZ (a snowbird I guess) with Canadian plates.
      Jason Colombo
      • 2 Years Ago
      There is a surprising lack of a Stargate in the commercial.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Wow, what a complete and utter mess of a design. Why not just throw a few more random lines, curves, and creases everywhere...
      • 2 Years Ago
      Thank God they are only gonna need a duct tape, a paper clip, and shoe string to fix everytime this "thing" breaks down!
        • 2 Years Ago
        But the MB dealership will still charge you a couple grand :)
      • 2 Years Ago
      renault as mercedes, quality stuff
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