won't confirm it's plans to introduce an SR performance badge to Australia, but says it's coming.

The Veloster SR Turbo is on its way and, now, there's speculation more performance-oriented cars could make their way Down Under. GoAuto says a performance version of i30 hatch could be announced as soon as October, when additional SR concept vehicles are shown.

Of course, all of this talk of souped-up front-wheel-drive small cars has us thinking selfishly thinking about U.S. comparos between an Elantra SR, a MazdaSpeed3, a Volkswagen GTI and Honda Civic Si.

However, Hyundai remains tight lipped on the possibility. When we contacted them, Hyundai wouldn't officially comment on anything, saying that there's already been speculation on an R-Spec version of the Veloster Turbo coming to America.

"You do know how we like to 'never say never' at Hyundai," one official said in an email. He was likely smiling when he said it.

Our guess is that Hyundai will continue to push select performance models in the future, whether they're called SR, RS, or R-Spec doesn't really matter.