Floor mats impeding gas pedals are continuing to cause problems for automakers. This time its Mercedes-Benz.

According to The Detroit News, the German automaker is recalling all-season accessory floor mats on 2012 and 2013 M-Class models for fear that the mat could entrap the go-pedal.

Mercedes-Benz filed this recall with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, possibly effecting 8,675 in the United States. According to a Mercedes-Benz spokesperson, the floor mats "may not conform to the contours of the floor." This could result in the gas pedal being pressed, and not coming back up, resulting in the car continuing to accelerate. Mercedes has recommended that all M-Class owners remove the floor mats for the time being.

The luxury automaker will notify owners of effected vehicles and have dealers replace the mats free of charge. Mercedes-Benz vehicles currently incorporated brake-override systems that nix the gas pedal inputs when both the accelerator and brake are applied simultaneously.