Lexus IS-F Convertible prototype on the 'Ring

Behold our first clear look at what could be a Lexus IS F Convertible. This retractable hardtop version of the high-performance IS F sedan has just been spotted pounding around the Nürburgring by our spy shooters, complete with a full suite of go faster aesthetic tweaks. The drophead wears the same aggressive front fascia and flared bodywork as the four-door model we know and love, though with a new, huge rear wing and more angled stacked exhaust tips. At this point, we don't know whether this is a one-off creation for some wealthy European banker or if Lexus is actually planning to throw 416 horsepower into the IS C chassis.

Most retractable hardtop convertibles are inherently saddled with design compromises, and to our eyes, the standard IS Convertible hasn't escaped that trap. With a long, awkward-looking trunk deck and unflattering greenhouse, the machine could use some aesthetic polishing, as the performance visuals seen here don't really fix the issue for us. Here's hoping those ails get sorted before the model makes it to market.