Autocar says they have spoken to Audi sales and marketing chief Peter Schwarzenbauer who admits his company may soon enter the MPV market (pronounced "minivan" here in the U.S.) market. Of course, with Audi that means a premium minivan with as many as seven seats.

Schwarzenbauer tells Autocar that the brand's target is sportier – think more Ford S-Max than Honda Odyssey. That makes some sense, as Ford claims many premium brand offerings have been traded in on its rakish European S-Max.

Schwarzenbauer also let slip that as new owners of Ducati, Audi will soon introduce its own two-wheeled vehicle. The exec didn't give any indication if it would be a motorcycle or (like the concepts by Mini, Smart and BMW) a scooter. But he says there would never be a "Ducati wearing an Audi badge," characterizing the vehicle as a "future mobility solution. Thus, Autocar predicts the new vehicle will be a scooter of some sort.

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        It's already happening here in Japan. There are loads of large scooters that can accomodate two people in decent comfort. They are much cheaper to run than cars, are easier to park and will get you there in half the time. A lot of households are choosing them over cars, especially with the availability of car sharing schemes and car rental firms that offer six hour rentals.
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        Problem is the higher deathrates for motorcycle riders. Sooner or later someone in a larger vehicle does something stupid and kills the biker/scooter/motorcyle rider. I have known a few motorcycle riders - all dead now. its a shame though because its hella fun..
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        I've got an electric motorbike I use for most errands and personal stuff. It's great. Quiet, cheap to run, torquey, can be parked nearly anywhere. Of course I use the car if I need to drive on a highway or haul cargo, but I prefer the scooter for getting around my neighborhood.
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      Well, they already make station wagons. Make the slightly bigger and add sliding doors, and it becomes a minivan. Although both are mommy-mobiles, minivans are more practical and in demand, so why not make money on those. Audi can price them at $60000 for the base model. Add another $30000 for nav, sunroof, leather, third row seats, power sliding doors, power tailgate, keyless entry etc and the minivan could be a status symbol as well.
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        They only have one wagon left that they sell in the US, the smallish A4 (on which the allroad is also based).
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      That size of van given the S treatment is a segment not catered to here in the US but I would love to have that choice. The MB R class is so big it feels like a, well... minivan. All others (Honda, Chrysler, etc.) aren't mini at all, except for Mazda. Small light and fast with 3 rows, go for it Audi.
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