Saudi children build brick plinth under Toyota

We're not going to pretend that everything American kids do with their cars makes sense. Ghost riding, tray sliding and soaping sayings like "Sexy Seniors 2012 XOXOXO!!!" on car windows comes to mind. To be young and a car owner (or car borrower, in the case of most kids) often means doing strange and stupid stuff with your ride, and this rite of passage appears to cross all cultures.

These images of Saudi youths mounting their cars on brick plinths appeared online this morning without much context to explain why they're doing it or even how. The wire images only come with a caption that reads...

Saudi youths lift their sport utility vehicle (SUV) with stones and bricks in the tourist area of al-Habla 50km south of the city of Abha in the southern part of the kingdom on July 12, 2012. Young Saudi males gather in al-Habla for a summer camp to escape the blazing Gulf summer heat and spend time mounting their cars on display.

They're at summer camp, so perhaps a badge for car mounting is at stake, or maybe this is the best way to prevent the sweltering Arabian sun from melting their tires. Toyota models of every vintage and description appear to be the favorites, but there are also Mitsubishi and Mazda models getting the stonework treatment. Regardless of the reason, the sight brings us back to our own youth when driving a car was license enough to do something silly with it. Check out more of this bizarre pastime in our high-res gallery.