2014 Range Rover Sport spy shot - front three-quarter view

Land Rover is continuing its recent trend of sporting some of the most interesting camouflage in the automotive world. The machine bearing this mashup of fuzzy geometric shapes with an undeniable Volvo flair is none other than the 2014 Range Rover Sport, the smaller and sportier brother of the top-drawer Range Rover that we've seen out and about a bunch of times already.

As you can clearly see, there will be large air intakes in the front bumper, seemingly to feed the atmosphere into whatever forced-induction powerplant Land Rover chooses to wedge under the bonnet – we'd guess a couple of V8 options in the States and a turbodiesel or two in Europe, but we wouldn't be terribly surprised to see some downsized mills thrown in for good measure.

We're expecting the next Range Rover Sport to shed a good bit of weight from the current model, and rumor has it that the machine will be lower and wider, with a more pronounced sloping rear backlight to better differentiate the Sport from its more off-road-oriented sibling.