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It may seem like common sense to not leave your dog in a parked car on a 100-degree day, but you would be amazed at how thoughtless and stupid some pet owners can be.

As incidents across the country pile up, putting dogs – and even neglected children – at risk, police in some jurisdictions are writing expensive tickets for violators.

This week, Roswell, Ga. police, for example, have cited several dog owners for animal cruelty for leaving dogs in hot cars. One case took place during the hottest day ever recorded in Georgia. A policeman ticketed a woman accused of leaving her dog in the car at a gas station with a heat index hovering near 107 degrees.

"It doesn't take any time at all, 30 seconds for them to overheat in a car," veterinarian Andy Morton with Roswell's Chattahoochee Animal Hospital told WSBTV-Atlanta.

The amount of the ticket is up to the officer's discretion, and can be as high as $1,000. It can also lead to one year in jail for committing "animal cruelty."

Morton says leaving the car running with the air conditioning on for a dog is not going to help much, especially if the owner is going to be in a store for 15 minutes, not to mention the danger of having a car stolen that way.

"Even with air conditioning in the car, in some cars, when they idle, the air conditioner cuts off," Morton said. "They do not sweat, so they can't evaporate that way, so they can't cool off that way," he told WSBTV.

Police in Broomfield, Colorado; Albuquerque, New Mexico and Batavia, Ohio are also citing drivers who leave dogs in hot cars.

The best plan for your dog in the current heatwave:

Leave your dog at home on warm days. he or she will be much happier in an air-conditioned house. Leave your dog plenty of water.

On trips with your pet, bring plenty of fresh drinking water and bowl. Make frequent stops for watering and peeing. It may be a hassle, but you are the one who wanted a dog.

Don't ever let dogs ride loose in pick-up truck beds, but especially in the heat. The hot metal will burn a dog's paws, the sun and flying debris can hurt the dog too. It's never a good idea, in any weather, because the dog can accidentally be thrown out of the truck if the brakes are suddenly applied.

If you see your dog in distress, veterinarians say to take the dog into the shade, an air conditioned area, or to the vet if you see signs of heat exhaustion. Those symptoms are restlessness, excessive thirst, heavy panting, lethargy, dark tongue, rapid pulse, fever, vomiting, glazed eyes or dizziness. To lower body temperature gradually, give the animal water to drink, place a cold towel or ice pack on the head, neck and chest, and/or immerse the dog in cool (not cold) water.

What should you do if you see a dog locked in a hot car?

Note the car make, model, color and tag number, then go to the store, if in a store parking lot, and ask the managers to page the owner.

Call the police, which usually can respond much faster than can animal control departments. The police have the capability and authority to enter the vehicle and rescue the pet.

Most jurisdictions empower only police, EMT, animal control and fire dept. personnel to break into a car to rescue an animal. If you break a window to rescue a dog, you may be liable for costs if the owner presses charges.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Months Ago
      Im glad to see the Police are finally cracking down on these stupid people i actually saw one last week... The police were called and as they arrived the owner was walking to her car... The Cop even called for back up.. lol "Some of them are so brave HeHe" Well nothing happened to this woman which was probably a Lawyer because her License plate said something esq. She did have the windows open a little and their was water in there but still it gets hot and the dog could have died and im sure that would have broken her heart..
        • 28 Days Ago

        You dont know nothing happened to the woman; they are usually cited with a criminal misdemeanor--which if they are poor they willl not be able to fair representation because the court will not appoint an attorney.  Often, the police are incompetent and harrass the person themselves--much like animal fanatics throwing blood on people.  If the officer didn't cite her then she was either in a good neghborhood or the officer was reasonable enough to allow the person to prove she was not guilty.  In lower income neighborhoods, and with lower income people, the cops are not reasonable--there are usually zero tolerance policies in place that require a citation for anything and everything, and that is how they oppress and criminalize American freedoms and liberties.

      • 3 Years Ago
      How about leaving your dog at home? I love my dog and would never risk her burning to death in my car.
        • 28 Days Ago

        How would you like a law that makes it criminal (not civil) for having your dog in your car at all, anytime of year or weather?  That is happening.  How would you like a crazy person to come up and bust your windshield with a bat because they saw a dog in your car with you, and they felt hot--and there was nothing you could legally do to the person, because they were saving an animal in distress in a vehicle?  Pay attention; you may want a law, but what kind of law, who will decide?  This applies for all the fanatical law makers in the world, especially the ones lobbying for sheria law throughout the world.

      • 3 Years Ago
      • 3 Years Ago
      People, quit being idiots.... Leaving a dog or any animal for that matter in a car while you do your shopping or whatever is plane "STUPID". Do yourself a favor and read up on this topic, it will stun you!! If you all still don't believe any of this is true, then put yourself in a car on a very warm day with the windows slightly cracked and sit there for 30 min. bet you get the point real quick......and even better yet just stay there and die for all I care. You people make me sick, your clueless to the LOVE your suppose to give your pets and keep them safe, they give you all their LOVE.... I'll be calling the police and breaking a window when I see it being an emergency to save the animal, try me!!!
        • 28 Days Ago

        You are not wrong.  However, you should consider legislation, enforcement, ajudication, and penalty prejudicess and injustices.  Also, oppression, discrimination, ignorance.  Legislators are just regular people many of them are morons, ignorant of anyones situation but their own, and how they are treated in their neighborhood.

          • 28 Days Ago

          by the way, what if it is a living unit--like an RV.  ARe we to say dogs need better housing than humans?

      • 3 Years Ago
      I about killed my dog in an over heated car during a winter's sub-zero day. I went shopping and locked my dog in the car as I left the car running with the heater going full blast. It took me MUCH longer than expected to shop, but I never gave thought that I'd come out to my dog being near death from HEAT stroke. He had diarrhea and had vomited. He was panting hard, and looked awful...It really scared me. Luckily, he recovered quickly, and a lesson was LEARNED!
        • 28 Days Ago

        Here you would have gone to jail for 6 months, paid a $2500 fine, and not be allowed to own or control any animals for an undetermined amount of time.  Moreover, your dog would have been taken to the human society where it would have been put to death in 2 weeks.

      • 3 Years Ago
      If they overheat within 30 seconds, it may be too late to save the animal by the time the police arrive. There should be a "good samaritan" type law allowing a citizen to break a window to save a life.
        • 28 Days Ago

        They do not overheat in 30 seconds, that is part of the extreme BS propulgated by people more ignorant than those that leave their animals in temp extremes.  If this were true, then the animals would die as soon as born in southern states.

      • 3 Years Ago
      If it 's animal's abuse then arrest the owner and send him /her to jail at once.
      • 3 Years Ago
      Don't take your PETS WITH YOU SHOPPING only to leave them in the car. You DO NOT KNOW HOW LONG YOU ARE GOING TO BE. The lines might be long, you could run into someone you haven't seen in awhile. You never know. My husband & I only take our dog if one of us is going to stay with him with the aircondtioner on or we are going somewhere that we don't have to get out. If you wouldn't leave YOUR KIDS IN THE CAR THEN DON'T LEAVE YOUR PETS IN THE CAR. Only there are some idiots who do "forget there Kids".. Still don't understand how they could do that but that's another story.If it's TO HOT OR TO COLD FOR YOU OUTSIDE THEN IT's THE SAME FOR THEM.............Even with the windows down or cracked it isn't enough AIR. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOUR PETS. They need love too.
        • 3 Years Ago
        The sad part of you statement "If you wouldn't leave YOUR KIDS IN THE CAR THEN DON'T LEAVE YOUR PETS IN THE CAR" is that some of these inbreds WOULD leave their kids in their car, let alone their pets.
      • 3 Years Ago
      There is only one way to make people stop leaving kids and animals in their cars when its hot and even when its brutally cold!! I'm a great believer in "Make the punishment fit the crime" so' when they get caught the punishment should be to make them sit in a hot car parked in the sun for as long as it is possible without kiling them. And if its brutally cold, the same thing, let them know what they have done to their child or pet.
      • 3 Years Ago
      I drive a tractor trailer and my AC works all the time, and I leave my dog in the truck some times, my cab is like a persons living room only smaller. so there is no difference between my house and my truck as far as my dog is concerned. And to Rhondalb01 be pepared to be arrested and charged with vandlism for throwing a brick thru someones widow.I would also say if you did it to some one like me, my big Semi might just accidently back over your car. As they say pay back is a B*^ch
      • 3 Years Ago
      i It is about time.......thanks....for finally really really doing it....
      • 3 Years Ago
      There is no such thing as common sense because if sense were common everybody would have it.
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