July 3 is going to be a bad day to be a Ferrari 458 Spider or a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. That's because on that day one week from now, McLaren will be releasing a Spider of its own.

Seeing as how McLaren Automotive currently only makes on model, you have doubtlessly surmised by now that we're speaking of a MP4-12C convertible. The long-anticipated Spider version is coming fast around the bend – but it's a good thing the Woking-based racing-team-turned-exotic-automaker didn't opt to release it at Goodwood, seeing as how the entire country is flush with rain at the moment.

McLaren isn't saying much about its new roadster, only that it's essentially the same as the coupe, albeit with an open roof. We're expecting a rather innovative take on the folding hard-top when the 12C Spider takes its first bow on the third, but in the meantime, you can check out the high-resolution image above and the video with Formula One ace Jenson Button and the press release below.

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29 June, 2012
McLaren Technology Centre, Woking, England

McLaren announces new 12C Spider

McLaren announces its next new high performance sports car, the 12C Spider
McLaren releases video of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Racing driver, Jenson Button discussing driving in an open top vehicle

McLaren Automotive announces its second model, the new 12C Spider. The new Spider boasts 616 horsepower, a twin-turbo V8-engine, and just like the coupe it is capable of 0-60mph in 3 seconds*.

The 12C Spider is built on the same groundbreaking carbon fiber MonoCell chassis as the coupe. With all of the advanced technology from the 12C coupe incorporated into the 12C Spider it will be just as dynamic as the coupe to drive.

To mark the announcement of the new Spider, McLaren is releasing a video featuring Formula 1 driver Jenson Button. Button, who knows well the sensation of driving at full throttle in an open top car, discusses what speed means to him; the connection he feels with the machine he drives and about what he senses when driving at 200mph without a roof. But is he talking about his MP4-27 Formula 1 car or the 12C Spider? Go to www.youtube.com/mclarenautomotivetv to find out.

More information on this exciting new addition to the McLaren Automotive range will be released in the next few days when ordering commences across the company's network of retailers.

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      • 2 Years Ago
      The 458 currently has the coolest droptop in Spider form for any midengine convertible. Goes up and down ridiculously quickly, is such a convincing hardtop that with it up, looks almost as good as the coupe, and has zero ugly bulges to the well toned hips of the exotic. And it looks amazing as it transforms at up to a decent lick of speed. It doesnt add too much weight, has virtually no effect on chassis stiffness, and drives just as good top up or down. Only thing is, its folding and storage mechanism means no more clear view of the Prancing Horse's beating heart of a V8. Even popping the cover, it's half obscured now. If Mclaren can match the feats of the 458 Spider while keeping its gem of an engine visible at all times, all while keeping weight and stiffness in check, then it will have a real winner. Of course, one area it will always lag behind the likes of the 458 Spider, Gallardo Spyder, SLS Roadster is that top up or down, it simply can't sound half as sexciting. Not a banshee wail, not a tantalizing scream, nor a bellowing roar of those aforementioned supercars.
      • 2 Years Ago
      Yeah - I have wondered the same thing sometimes - why spend any money at all on these videos if they arn't going to have any problem selling them. Maybe it's just hype building. I suppose even multimillionaires want the 'cool' car. And maybe there is a significant premium they can charge if they happen to be the current 'cool' car. While I really like the coupe, any convertible version is going to have a tough time topping the 458 Spider.
      • 2 Years Ago
      I'm sure it's going to be a stunning car and am a huge fan of McLaren, however have you seen that 458 Italia...with the top up or down? Amazing!
      • 2 Years Ago
      Anyone know what happened to the "Successor to the Mclaren F1" they said they were going to announce at the Monaco Grand Prix?