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It may be a while before Bernie Ecclestone is successful in his plans to float Formula One on the Singapore Stock Exchange, but that doesn't mean that he and his employers at CVC Capital Partners can't begin selling off chunks of their business.

Out of a valuation of $9.1 billion, CVC sold off $1.6 billion worth of Formula One to funds managed by Waddell & Reed Investment Management and Ivy Investment Management last month. That amount was augmented this week by another half-billion, bringing their total investment (and CVC's divestment) up to 20.9 percent, or $2.1 billion.

Because the buyers are primarily interested in the financial value of the business and presumably less in its day-to-day operation, we wouldn't expect much to change in how F1 is run. However, we wouldn't be surprised to see Formula One Management take a more proactive approach to marketing and promoting the series if the new shareholders are interested in capitalizing on their investment.

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      Caption Content Revival "If you had to look at this face in the mirror every morning you'd be as big of an A-Hole as I am"
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      Maybe then they can get a consistent set of regulations in place that doesn't result in always scrutinizing RedBull's engineering. In other words stop listening to Ferrari cry it cant keep up with the rest!
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        Yeah, yeah..... and 10 years ago everyone else was crying that they couldn't keep up with Ferrari. In 2012 Ferrari seems to be doing just fine, as is pretty much everyone else. 7 winners in 7 races - that's about as close to real parity in a top level race series as you can get.
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      Well, I know one thing, Bernie needs a haircut!!!