HSV E Series 2 lineup gallery - red, front three-quarter view sedan

The economic doldrums are having a hard time sullying the teflon-coated sales numbers of Holden Special Vehicles, the division that serves the same purpose within Holden that AMG does within Mercedes-Benz. Despite a slump in purchases of large sedans that has affected General Motors' standard Holden Commodore and savaged the Ford Falcon, the pricier and thirstier HSV models are, according to the division's CEO Phil Harding, doing fully 20 percent of Ford Falcon sales. Note, that's not 20 percent of Ford Performance Vehicle sales, the Blue Oval's competitor to HSV, it's to the basic Falcon. It would be like the BMW M5 doing one fifth of Mercedes-Benz E-Class volume.

Naturally, the people in charge at HSV are happy about this. It's true that sales numbers have come down, but Harding said the business case was built on the line's current sales. For now, the brand is "in the black" and "stronger than we've ever been as a business for investing in our future." The previous high flying numbers were a bonus that have helped pay for the work on the HSV version of the VF Commodore that will appear in Q2 next year. And on that note, if HSV could arrange to have that car shipped this way as well alongside the Chevrolet SS Performance, we'd be most grateful.
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