Bluebird GTL Formula E Race Concept

There seems to be a certain element of sexiness missing from electric car racing. The quiet whir of a field of motors simply lacks the carnal pull of the bark and fury of a chorus of internal combustion mills thrashing their way to the podium.

And then there's design. Slaves to efficiency, electric racers typically adopt aesthetics borrowed from more from the suppository market than the race track. But the FIA's upcoming Formula E may change all that. Take the Bluebird GTL Formula E race car concept as evidence. The design looks to be heavily influenced by the latest crop of closed-cockpit Le Mans prototype racers as well as Formula One design. There may be a little Dark Knight thrown in there as well.

Details are scarce on the vehicle's drivetrain at the moment. Team Bluebird says right now, the car is mostly just a design concept penned to demonstrate the significant aerodynamic work being performed, and may be more opportunities for sponsorship in the fledgling Formula E.