2013 Dodge Dart  - maroon - front three-quarter static view

We've heard a former car dealer friend of ours describe selling unloved vehicles like the Dodge Caliber as "a thankless task," but apparently she wasn't altogether correct. Chrysler has begun taking dealer orders for its much-anticipated 2013 Dart, and allocations of the sedan will depend in part on how many units of the hapless Caliber the franchise managed to shift before the model was axed. That's according to dealer sources, Automobile News reports – Chrysler officials won't let on how they decide to disburse the Dart to Dodge dealers.

Automotive News also says that while Chrysler previously said the first Dart models will be in showrooms by the end of this month, it turns out those will just be dealer demo models (though those units can be sold). Non-demo cars aren't expected to show up until the end of July or early August. If you've been waiting on taking delivery of a new Dart of your very own, you probably have a bit longer to wait, so you might as well head over to Dodge's website to check out the Dart configurator, which now has final pricing.