Scion FR-S

Autocar reports Toyota and Subaru are working on ways to sharpen the GT 86, BRZ and Scion FR-S triplets. While that may mean buyers could see a convertible version of the sports coupe as soon as 2014, engineers are also working on a variety of other improvements, including a new track telemetry system. Using an onboard black box, the gadgetry will record a slew of data from track days. That's nothing new, but the cool part is buyers will then be able to upload and compare their times with other FR-S owners via Sony PlayStation. The report says Toyota is currently working to map major tracks around the world.

There's no word on when the kit will debut, but according to the report, buyers of early models will be able to retrofit their cars with the telemetry system with relative ease. In addition, multiple online tutorials and demonstrations will be available for various tracks.