Ford doesn't sell its Mustang in Europe, but that hasn't stopped fans from the UK to Poland from figuring out ways to procure one. The Mustang is playing a part in Ford's "Go Further" ad campaign – which showcases the global portfolio and is aimed at changing perceptions by being discreet with Ford branding – and that gets air time in Europe.

As for featuring a car that Europeans can't buy in its commercials, the company told Autocar, "We are very proud of all these products and are interested to see what European consumers, who may not be familiar with these models, think of them." Ford says it's watching European reaction to "Go Further" and will "carefully examine" what the campaign might highlight as a profitable opportunity.

Ultimately, that's a bit of non-promissory boilerplate that stands for, "We've got a guy on it, we'll let you know if he comes up with anything," but at least it's more official recognition of the Mustang's European favor. Ford's embrace of social media is well established, so if Europeans want the Mustang to show up in Ford delaers over there, now could be the time to beat the Facebook drums even louder.