Nissan Juke-R on ice

There's something about the boffins over at Nissan – particularly those working at its racing headquarters in the UK. We're not quite sure what it is. Oh, right: they're bonkers. Absolutely off their rockers, in the best way possible. How else would you explain the decision to take an entry-level crossover and swap out its powertrain for that of a supercar?

We're talking, of course, about the Juke-R, the 480-horsepower demon cockroach from hell. After racing it against a field of supercars in Dubai, Nissan has taken the Juke-R to a decidedly different setting – an ice track near the former Winter Olympics site in Lillehammer, Norway – and set it loose.

And if that wasn't quite enough, the Japanese automaker didn't put it in the hands of an veteran ice racer – say, the four-time Formula One World Champion who drives for its sister company in the Andros Trophy, they gave it over to its gamer-turned-racer Lucas Ordonez who, being from Spain, had never driven on ice before. Sounds sane to us. Scroll on down to see the results in the brief video clip.