General Motors logoThe overhaul of General Motors' marketing battle plan isn't finished. The Wall Street Journal reports that Joel Ewanick, GM's global marketing chief, is giving the brand a hiatus from Super Bowl advertising, believing it's just got too expensive and that variety is called for. Thirty-second spots for next year's big game are projected to cost $3.8 million.

The development comes quickly after GM decided to stop buying ads on Facebook citing a lack of effectiveness (to which Ford responded), and comes during a year of realignment efforts throughout the company: a global review of accounts began earlier this year and some were quickly let go, a brand new agency was created for Chevrolet and set up shop in Detroit, and personnel are being realigned.

The General's global ad spend in 2011 was $4.7 billion, and word is that GM doesn't plan on spending less, it only wishes to spend better – Ewanick says the changes made so far will net the company $2 billion in savings over the next five years. It's clear he's looking to unlock more efficiencies; observers say that GM is also trying to improve its ad performance overseas and find better ways to reach demographics that have migrated in all directions and to all media.