The Detroit Free Press reports Ford is set to boost production by 40,000 units. The company plans to half its summer shutdown to just one week at 13 plants this July. Ford says that it is already operating most of its facilities at maximum capacity, and adding a week of production is a good way to balance manufacturing with demand. The automaker is also adding extra shifts at three of its production facilities this month. Overall, Ford will increase its production this year by a whopping 400,000 units to three million vehicles by October.

But Ford isn't the only domestic manufacturer to step up production. Chrysler is also skipping the summer shutdown at four of its plants and idling two more for one week instead of two. General Motors, meanwhile, will continue its summer plant stops as planned.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      2012 ZR1
      • 3 Years Ago
      Go to a lot; they are all plugged full. In my city of 200,000 there are 15 big dealerships I can count off the top of my head; ridiculously overstocked with new overpriced vehicles. I buy quite a few vehicles a year for business & personal use, but I can't buy 'em all! When the economy is bad, now is the time to buy! Same w/ homes: I could sell my home & buy 3 new ones in the States, with this economy. Buy low--sell high, everybody!
      Sal Sanfilippo
      • 2 Years Ago
      I commented on corporate decisions . To me it seems FOMOCO a company who has dominated the pickup marker for years is ignoring quality and sucessful models for the Johnny come lately. A move that will come back and bite them in the rear. Get rid of the under ware sellers and hire people with an auto background. Wake up ford. Toyota is making you look like yo,yos.
      Sal Sanfilippo
      • 2 Years Ago
      Ford mfg. The people making decisions on what to produce and what to discontinue at FOMOCO, belong on a hog farm. The crown Vic a good for a life time is discontinued? This auto was sold to police and cab companies for years. Ford stopped production? The ford ranger. In production for years with a huge following. Ford stopped production? The ford f 150 the number one pickup in us sales has been downed graded to the point where no one wants it. The blobs making decisions at Ford were probably hired out of a new York under ware factory. Wake up Ford. Your killing the duck that laid the golden egge.