We at Autoblog, por supuesto, love us some behind-the-scenes car development videos. We also dig smart humor, and we think the two are gloriously combined in this German take on almost every dramatic engineering/track/shakedown vid that has hit the YouTubes. Until it gets a tad too absurd, at least...

Put together by the same gents who earlier made an aluminum-foil Porshce 911 bike, this time they've worked up a car they call the Fahrradi Farfalla FXX which is loosely based on a whole lot of other cars. When they give it the shakedown in a German tunnel, well, you'll just have to see for yourself what happens. Scroll down to see what's up.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 3 Years Ago
      Without even reading the post, I started playing it and nearly choked on my lunch after hearing the incredible first 'revs'.
      • 3 Years Ago
      These dudes are STRAIGHT CLOWNS!!! Hahahahaha!
      Lada F1 team
      • 3 Years Ago
      Who else didn't read the title and thought this was the new F70 at first? Waiting, waiting, waiting...
      • 3 Years Ago
      sorry for being such a boring pedant, but this is an Austrian production, not German, it mimics an older Merc-video (or gumpert, whatever).
        • 3 Years Ago
        Actually it parodies the Mercedes SLS commercial with Schumacher: http://youtu.be/izrNv4nMxAg
          • 3 Years Ago
          Yeah, and Jeremy Clarkson did it too. In a Twingo... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TbpgZ2Dt0A
      • 3 Years Ago
      As odd as it sounds, I consider it a more beautiful design than many of Ferrari's current cars. But a real chassis underneath that body and you'll convince me.
        el aventador
        • 3 Years Ago
        Oddly enough, I agree with you. It even looks better than the actual Enzo.
      Johann Bosch
      • 3 Years Ago
      @ozenfant ... your thinking of the mercedes SLS commercial, where they alledgedly have the SLS drive loop the loop, upside down in the tunnel
      Carbon Fibre
      • 3 Years Ago
      LOL what the hell did I just see. +1 at CBR600 sounds.
      Dwight Bynum Jr.
      • 3 Years Ago
      I feel this would actually be pretty awesome to do on a small kart track with a a bunch of single seaters with supercar bodies on them!
      • 3 Years Ago
      Fahrrad = bicycle in german, lol @ the clever word play
      • 3 Years Ago
      was that even RWD?
      Red Giant
      • 3 Years Ago
      So full of win!
      Cory Haggard
      • 3 Years Ago
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