There's any number of cars that can be used for taxis. The Ford Crown Vic, Nissan NV, Toyota Sienna... pretty much anything with a useable back seat, a cargo area and a roof on which to put a dome light. But a BMW M5? Surely that has to be overkill, right?

Maybe for most taxis, but this is no ordinary cab. This is the Ring Taxi. Operated by BMW and OK-Speed-Marketing at the Nürburgring, the Ring Taxi allows passengers to book a high-speed ride around the harrowing Nordschleife, chauffeured by a professional driver who knows the track's every twist and bump like the back of his (or in the case of Sabine Schmitz, her) capable hands.

For a few years the service was run in the previous-generation M5, with its high-revving V10 engine, but when that model was phased out of production, so was it retired from Ring Taxi duty. The M3 was said to have taken its place for a while, but now the M5 is back at it in its new iteration: all 560 twin-turbocharged horsepower of it.

Tickets for what will undoubtedly prove the ride of any enthusiast's life go for 216 euros ($282 by today's rates), with rides taking place once a week: on Mondays at 10 am. But BMW warns that if past experience (of which it has plenty) is any indication, hopefuls had better reserve well in advance as they tend to book up as fast as the new M5 will sling you around the Karousel.

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      Sabine Schmitz? Mmmmm...
      • 3 Years Ago
      Love to take that taxi at least once.
      • 3 Years Ago
      Hi Noah, Rides don't take place once a week - the tickets go on sale once a week, and sell out in less than a minute. You can then book for most days that the track is open for tourist laps. I just rode this taxi on Sunday - what a brilliant car and talented driver, and what a sweet way to do a quick jaunt around the Green Hell! Also, Sabine retired from the Ring Taxi and has her own company now:
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      the King of the ring
      • 3 Years Ago
      I rode in an AMG E-class Benz turned taxi in Greece. Greeks take is as a personal affront if you put on your seatbelt. You are accusing the driver of being unsafe & reckless. When is comes to Greek drivers, 100% of whom are unsafe and reckless, but the story goes on. I climb into a 355hp V8 AMG and reach up to grab the shoulder belt, the rat taxi driver had taken the seat back loose, push the seat belt behind the seat back, then bolted the thing back together. If we were going to be broadsided for running a light 6 seconds after it turned red, he was going to die and dammit, you were too!