2012 BMW 328i - dead-on front view

Of all of the cars Top Gear host Richard Hammond has driven – and that's a lot of cars – it is an oil-burning entry-level luxury sedan that has earned the plaudit, "possibly the best car ever made." He's referring to the 2013 BMW 320d in an article for the UK's Mirror newspaper, further crediting it with "brilliant handling," an easy-to-use infotainment system, "very accurate steering" and being "one of the nicest Threes to drive in decades."

His conclusion does come from a lack of negatives just as much as the positives. However, even though it's still a huge call, we've heaped our own ultimate praise on BMW's gasoline four-pot, the 328i, which trades a quicker sprint to 60 mph for a few mpg less than the 320d's 52 Imperial mpg (43 U.S. mpg).

Hammond's a fan of the styling, and in fact the only thing he doesn't like is a stripe on his 3 Series tester. Click the link to get the words straight from the Hamster's mouth.
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