Alfa Romeo 4C Concept

Production of the upcoming Maserati Kubang may be set for the Jefferson North plant where Chrysler builds the Jeep Grand Cherokee on which the high-riding Maserati will be based, but that doesn't mean that the Trident marque is giving up on production in its home country of Italy anytime soon.

According to statements made by union officials, Maserati is gearing up to produce a new four-door sedan at a facility on the outskirts of Turin – although whether that is the larger replacement for the Quattroporte or its upcoming baby brother remains unclear – but that's not all. Maserati, according to reports, has also been tasked with building the 4C sportscar for sister-brand Alfa Romeo, much like it had with the higher-end 8C Competizione that came before.

Between the two new sedans, the SUV, the ongoing production of the GranTurismo line and the Alfa 4C, Maserati sure seems to have its hands full – with a little game of musical factories – for a brand currently represented by two model lines.