• Apr 9, 2012
Six Seven national titles. A $1.2 million budget. Over 100 students strong. The University of Michigan's solar car team is the largest student group on campus and considered the top in the country. This entirely student-run organization has built 11 solar vehicles over their 23 year history. Do they have what it takes to be the first American team to win Australia's World Solar Challenge in over 2 decades?

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      • 4 Days Ago
      Great video - prejudice, yes, Our grandson is on the team. We are rooting for them all the way. They are certainly dedicated students in engineering. and that is the way it should be. We will continue to follow their progress.
      • 4 Days Ago
      When EV's are cheaper than a comparable Carbon Fueled Combustion engine vehicle, then we will be ready to make the transition to Green Energy. I say that we should make full use of all of our Carbon Energy sources and continue to invest in and perfect Green Energy strategies. Taxing the Rich is a lousy Energy Policy, incentive's are a better approach to develop Green Technology, not throwing Tax dollars at "Solyndra" failures. Political Savvy and wisdom are two different things. Reward success, not volatile pipe dreams. Let entrepreneurs shoulder the risk, but let them reap the rewards of hard work and sweat equity.
      • 4 Days Ago
      Ok guys, electric power from solar is a proven technology, however not totaly reliable. How about getting the electric energy directly from the atmosphere which is reliable, constant, abundant and naturally provided = no cost for it? Use Nichola Tesla's proven technology. He built a car that did exactly that and took prominent people for a ride in it, including a future president of the US. How about you guys kickin your direction UP and go for improving on Nichola Tesla's technology? If you do, then the $$$$$$$$$$ will be abundant and not dependent on grants which can dry up.
      • 4 Days Ago
      Sorry- Big OIl and Thousands of Gasoline Stations and Fed/State and Towns Sales Taxes Can't Allow this kind of vehicle No Solar Cars nor Solar Anything for that matter..
      • 4 Days Ago
      thats a powerfull hair dryer
      • 4 Days Ago
      Great going, some people just will not agree with the engineering of impoving fuel mph and does not matter what the fuel might be! I was a manager of a diesel tanker fleet in ealy 2000 and when I spec my new trucks the engineers at the Peterbilt plant told me they could not build my trucks to my specs, so I told then I would buy somewhere else, they decided to build them and then told me they would never work right! Well with their specs we were getting at the best 6 MPG running Bakersfield to Long Beach everyday, with my specs which would never work we got on an average of 9 MPG, when you run 23 trucks and travel 200,000 miles per years that is a lot of profit for something that would never work, but then again I'm only a manger once a dumb old mechanic!
      • 4 Days Ago
      Whatever happened to hydrogen power? Just askin'.
      James Bridges
      • 4 Days Ago
      I wonder where the Money comes from? Probably the Tax-payers. Will there ever be a Solar Powered Car on the streets of the World Nope because they are not feesable the have to be made of expensive matirials they barely have enough room in them for one person and if they have more then a couple of hours of clouds they cant move
        • 4 Days Ago
        @James Bridges
        I guessed you missed all the stickers on the car with names like Ford and such who sponsor this sort of effort?
      • 4 Days Ago
      A lot of this technology is going to be in regular consumer cars in 10 or so years, if not sooner.
      • 4 Days Ago
      "race car is as powerful as a... hairdryer?" "race car produces a mere 12 horepower" i would like to address this post to the retard that wrote this article, no, absolutely no one makes an 8976 watt ( 12 hp )hair dryer
        • 4 Days Ago
        i was thinking the same thing. but the kid they were talking to in the video said it. still, i think people would got bald with that kind of hairdryer
      John Billingsley
      • 4 Days Ago
      Were do you put the Old Lady, dog and luggage?
      • 4 Days Ago
      This is some serious dedication. Go Blue!
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