1970 Jeep Jeepster Commando Hurst

As a rule, Hurst used to be a company that was more than happy to partner with just about any automaker that walked through the door. While we're plenty familiar with vehicles like the Hurst Oldsmobile 442, more obscure relics like the 1980 Hurst Shawnee International Harvester Scout and this Jeep Jeepster Commando also populate the pages of the company's history books. Details like one very patriotic stripe package, a hood scoop and a hood-mounted tachometer all help set this Jeepster apart from its kin. Of course, a Hurst gated automatic shifter and appropriate badges are also part of the package.

This particular example is up for bid with only a few hours left on the auction. The price has inched up to $7,500 with the reserve still not met. With a shave over 73,000 miles on the odometer and one of the cleanest Jeepster bodies we've ever seen, this particular Commando is a little bit of work away from being a unique museum piece. Head over to eBay Motors for a closer look.