Sean Kennedy driving Mark Heidaker's Hennessey Ford GT

It was a big weekend for Sean Kennedy, Mark Heidaker and the team at Hennessey. The trio managed to walk straight past the previous world record for the standing mile with a top speed of 257.7 mph. Kennedy took the wheel of Heidaker's Hennessey-prepped Ford GT for the feat. The vehicle used to be both twin-turbocharged and supercharged before Heidaker decided he needed a little more thrust. Hennessey then ditched the supercharger for a more efficient twin-turbo setup. The work seems to have paid off. Putting down that sort of speed in the span of a standing mile is nothing short of amazing, and the engineering behind the machine deserves all sorts of respect.

Of course, commanding the roided-out GT to do your bidding is also plenty impressive.

Tucked beneath that wild wrap is a white GT with a blue stripe, one of our favorite color combinations on this iconic shape. Hit the jump to see the run from inside the cockpit.