Chevrolet Volt emblem

The Detroit News is reporting that General Motors will replace the 120-volt power cords on the majority of Chevrolet Volt models the company has sold since 2010. The new charge cords are said to be more durable than the old hardware and should provide "more consistency in charging," according to the report. GM has sold around 10,000 Volt units since the plug-in hybrid went on sale two years ago, and while some of those vehicles have already shipped with the new charge cords, most still use the old design.

Volt owners may also contact their Chevrolet dealers to begin scheduling appointments to have additional crash structure added around the vehicle's battery packs. The additional steel is designed to protect against severe side-impacts. Technicians are also expected to add a new sensor to monitor battery coolant levels. The changes are in response to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation into unlikely vehicle fires. GM will reportedly continue to sell Volt models without the new structure and sensor, saying neither poses a safety issue.