Maserati Quattroporte Spy Shot

It looks as if work is officially underway on the next Maserati Quattroporte. Our spy photo friends managed to click the first few images of a pre-production prototype stretching its legs on public streets. The four-door is covered in enough cladding to successfully obscure any hint of new body work, but from what we're told, there's a whole new chassis under there. The rear-wheel-drive architecture is built to accommodate all-wheel drive as well. Where, perchance, would Maserati secure the engineering to put power to all four corners? If the whispers we hear are true, the tech could be lifted from none other than the Ferrari FF.

Speaking of Ferrari, the next-generation Quattroporte will likely continue to get its thrust from the same beefy Italian V8 found in the current generation, though adjustments for either power or fuel consumption would be a smart guess. We've even heard hints of a hybrid drivetrain in development. Stay tuned. With prototypes on the road, it's only a matter of time before we spot one with a little more metal showing.