Mustang Kid on Tosh.0

If you managed to read that title without falling into the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" trap, congratulations. You aren't a child of the '80s. "Tosh.0" finally got around to giving Joey, the kid who drove his father's brand-new Ford Mustang GT500 through the back wall of the family garage, a Web Redemption. As it turns out, the story was far worse than anyone imagined. The GT500 didn't even belong to the family when the gung-ho teen sent it careening through the carpentry. Instead, the local dealer had simply brought the car by to show Joey's father.

Joey's dad wound up buying the Eleanor Edition Shelby for $60,000 and immediately had to sink another $30,000 into repairs. It's unclear whether that figure covered the bathroom Joey also took out in the crash. Ouch.

Daniel Tosh gave Joey his Web Redemption by putting him through a uniquely Californian driving test and pitting him against a too-fast, too-furious Honda S2000 in a unique street race. Hit the jump to check out the interview as well as an expanded and "uncensored" version. In reality, both videos are clearly Not Safe For Work.