If you've ever had occasion to see a Radical in person – or for that matter, in photos – you likely couldn't avoid thinking it looked like a miniature version of a Le Mans Prototype. The ground-hugging ride height, the aerodynamically-optimized bodywork, the open cockpit... but wait a second, don't most LMPs these days have closed cockpits? Why yes, yes they do.

The Audi R18, the Toyota TS030, even the aborted Peugeot 908 all have fixed roofs and windshields. So if Radical really is going to follow the form of the front-running endurance prototypes, it's going to need a closed canopy, too. And that, according to the latest reports, is exactly what it is developing.

Called the RXC Coupe, the new Radical appears to still be in the design phase, but is tipped to arrive in time for 2014. The body is expected to be wider than the existing open models, with a completely new aerodynamic shape. Both race and road versions are reportedly in the cards, with a V8 powering a seven-speed sequential transmission in the former good for around 650 horsepower.

All that and roadworthiness, too, stands to make the Radical RXC Coupe one very serious performance machine, whether on the street or on the track. And we're looking forward to seeing how it shapes up. Follow the jump and skip ahead to around the 4:30 mark in the video to see footage of the 3D model from all angles.

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      For anyone who has been on the track with these, you know how unnecessary the 650 hp version really is for all but pro drivers. Even the regular versions are way faster than any street cars. Keep my top open. The experience is worth more than speed. That said, good for Radical for continuing to make ultimate track machines. I would take any of their cars over any supercar on track.
      • 3 Years Ago
      Ladies and Gentlemen, you are looking at the future fastest road legal car around Nordschleife. And this time won't be any dispute how legal it is and the record will stand for a very long time. Mark my words, guys! SR8LM's record breaking time is untouched since 2009 and nobody came even close. But despite the car was road legal and was driven from Radical's factory in Peterborough UK to Nürburgring Germany and back on public roads with registration plates, there are still some knuckleheads denying its achievement. Well this one is gonna make them shut up once and forever.
        • 3 Years Ago
        With 650hp going to the rear wheels in a car that weighs just over 2,000lbs, it'll have a hard time getting that power to the pavement. So I wouldn't be so quick to assume it'll be the fastest production (yes, production, not road legal) car.
          • 3 Years Ago
          Let me think about it. Hm, with downforce to weight ratio bigger than 1 I think it'll gonna be just fine putting the power down. Just to be clear on this one what is your criteria for production car? Do you qualify lets say Pagani Zonda as production car? Or Koenigsegg C8 or Agera? Or McLaren F1? Because as far as my Intel goes the new Radical will be homologated by the same rules as the RS3 SL, meaning complying emissions standards and all that crap and the expected production number for the road legal variant is under 100 just like the above mentioned cars.