Life is not fair. That's about the only rational explanation we can offer for this little fact of life: A low MSRP is likely to mean big insurance payments.

Citing information from, MarketWatch says the average price to insure a 2012 Honda Civic sedan, for instance, is about $2,353 per year, while a 2012 Toyota Sienna will run only $1,111 annually. The least expensive vehicles to insure tend to be relatively large vehicles, like minivans, trucks and SUV's, according to the report. Even though those vehicles tend to be much more expensive than compact cars, they also tend to be driven by older, safer drivers.

Don't think this is just a case of the rich getting richer, however, as expensive luxury and sports cars are none too cheap to insure either. The 2012 Audi R8 Spyder topped the list of most expensive vehicles to insure at $3,384 per year. The Sienna had the lowest average insurance cost in the study, followed by the Jeep Patriot and Dodge Grand Caravan.'s editorial director, Amy Danise, told MarketWatch that the savings some people think they're getting by buying small could evaporate because of the higher insurance premiums. Her advice to keep premiums low? "Buy the minivan, move to the farm, only drive it locally and make sure you never have an accident or kids," she said.

I think we'll just keep writing those checks to AAA instead.

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