Motor Trend launched its new "Wide Open Throttle" news program on YouTube with a bombshell: "Cadillac Puts Hold on ATS Coupe." While it certainly gave us reason to click play, there's just one problem. The report – claiming that not just the coupe, but multiple ATS variants have been delayed or cancelled – may not be accurate.

Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell gave us the usual manufacturer disclaimer about not commenting on future product, but he did tell us, "There has been no recent radical shift in strategy" for the ATS. Reading between the lines, that either means an ATS coupe hasn't gotten past the idea stage, or that GM is still working hard at bringing us a two-door version of Caddy's BMW 3 Series fighter.

"On either end of the spectrum the reporting is inaccurate," Caldwell said, referring to those who have opined that Cadillac will launch several variants of the ATS sedan that comes to market later this year, including a coupe, a convertible, a wagon, and a shooting brake.

"We do plan to do variants," Caldwell told us. "We haven't yet called our shot of how we're going to execute that."

So what do we make of all this? We're pretty sure that we'll still see an ATS-V sedan, and perhaps that could be it for ATS models if the standard sedan is not well received. If sales take off, however, don't be surprised if Cadillac does move forward with at least one new bodystyle.

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