Love it or hate it, the automotive industry of today is not lacking for its exercises in reviving old nameplates. The trend ranges from Mini to Maybach, from Dodge Dart to Dodge Challenger. And the French are certainly not immune. Citroën revived its fabled DS moniker for a range of premium hatchbacks, and Renault – most of all – has been mulling bringing back the Alpine for years now.

Arguably just as central to Renault's performance heritage as the recently revived Gordini line, Alpine made mid-engined sportscars with Renault mechanicals starting in the 1950s and discontinued four decades later. Its most famous model, however, was the A110 (pictured above), which is now celebrating its 50th anniversary. And if a new report from Autocar is accurate, Renault has no intention of letting the occasion slip by unnoticed.

In fact, the French automaker is reportedly planning an Alpine concept car to unveil at the Paris Motor Show next fall. But the question remains whether there's any production potential with such a concept. The French are known for producing some rather intriguing show cars – sportscars in particular – that never seem to get very far from the show stand, from the GTbyCitroën to the Renault DeZir.

Whether Renault can make the business case – without the North American market, at that – to take on the sports car establishment remains to be seen, but having the Nissan product bin to raid certainly couldn't hurt.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 3 Years Ago
      Technically, Alpine's were Alpines and not Renaults. A bit like Abarths in the early days, it was its own shop but made early agreement with Renault to get their powertrains. This ought to be interesting. Would be truly awesome if someone could return us to flyweight sportscars.
      B. Hill
      • 3 Years Ago
      The Alpines were rear-engined, not mid-engined. About 1500 pounds and up to 138 horsepower; you're in Corvette power-to-weight territory. If they could bring it back without making it weigh 3500 pounds and need 300 horsepower, I'd say go for it.
      • 3 Years Ago
      glad to hear they are not passing up this opportunity - cant wait to see it.....
      • 3 Years Ago
      The A110 is a beautiful, legendary car thanks its strong rally cross performances. It was historically the first World Rally Champion. It's not clear if Renault's concept will be a tribute to the A110 in particular, but there's certainly a very good chance it will thanks to its heritage. In which case I hope that it will conceptually be rooted in rallying as well, thus maintaining a genetic connection with the essence of the venerable landmark of human achievement it would purport to pay tribute to (unlike the latest irritating attempts at "tributes" to two other rally cross legends - the ur-quattro and the Stratos which have nothing to do with the areas of expertise where their alleged spiritual ancestors actually excelled and seem to be solely designed to wow ignorant audiences with cryptic allusions and lustrous sheetmetal).
      • 3 Years Ago
      Do love me some A110s, A310s and A610s, especially the Turbos
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